Body Enlightening: the New Trend of the Summer

We women are we used to use the facial illuminator, something that before seemed like a big deal. But now, we are making peace with him, along comes another product: the Illuminator body. He is the latest bet for the summer 2016.

Apply the Illuminator in some parts of the body with the purpose to highlight them has a name: strobing. The technique is quite common to be seen in the face, but the emphasis now is to the body. This news won the catwalks of recent fashion shows and has two wonderful advantages: creates the appearance of more toned and ripped body.

Where to apply the Illuminator body?

This is a question that hangs over the head of many women, especially those who have never used this method. Points are the legs, the arms, the neck, collarbone and, if you like putting a neckline, apply the Illuminator body between the breasts is also a good option. To apply you can use a sponge or even your hand if you’re a beginner in the subject.

What to use?

In makeup, it is always better to sin by missing by too much. So, nothing to exaggerate in quantity and avoid buying Illuminators that are sparkling and metallic sheen. To let the natural look, especially on the beach, prefer gold pigments. In addition, always choose specific products. Apply face illuminator in the body may not give the same effect.


How to make homemade body illuminator

Want to take the test at home using a body illuminator without having to spend money on it? It’s very simple. Take a little base, matte, and mix with moisturizing cream for the body. Remembering always the proportion of base measures 2 to 1 of moisturizer.

When you use the Illuminator body?

This product is not intended only to be used at night. She can also be applied in full sunlight, but it takes extra care not to overdo it. After all, with the sunlight the Illuminator body can cause a glare and, what is not wanted.


Will remove the product from the body after a party? SOAP and water are excellent for this, especially the neutral SOAP or those made for babies, which reduces the risk of a possible Association of components that can cause skin irritation and allergy develop. If that happens, look for a dermatologist.