Blondes Are More Intelligent from New Research

Anyone who still doubts about blondes, now comes the science to put the last word. Recent studies seem to challenge some stereotypes. And if he says a scientific research, better believe it.

Blondes poor! Everybody knows you have always been stereotyped by the mists of time and have collected general hatred without a real reason. Now a new study will bring justice among the glittering foliage: not only are not “stupid”, or frivolous, as they all tried to believe, but according to research published by Economics Bulletin, are also smarter than average.

The researcher Ohio Jay L. Zagorsky used data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1979 and has tracked down the people of the Baby Boomer generation, or those born between 1945 and 1964 in North America, a period known for a considerable population growth.

This research assessed the IQ of white children who had blond hair at birth.

Working on Jay L. Zagorsky numbers released the field by the myth that blondes are stupid. And he did it for ever. Among women, those blondes have a higher IQ than average (103.2 points), soon after they are women brunettes (102.7), the red-haired (101.2) and, like bringing up the rear, those haired blacks (100.5). But, women with brown hair, breathe a sigh of relief: the difference between blondes and brunettes women was not statistically distinguishable and so clear, it was, however, between blondes and women with red hair or blacks.

When it came to analyzing men, Brown had the average IQ at 104.4 and tail, overall, were blondes, red ones and men haired blacks.

The study was severely limited by the sample analysis which took into white women and the Baby Boomer generation. Also people may have lied on their natural hair color, since the data are the result of self-declarations. Despite this, Jay L. Zagorsky claims that this information is important because they can disprove the stereotype that wants blondes are stupid or frivolous.

“While for many years it was thought that blondes were more stupid, it’s time to stop this myth,” he wrote in a post on his blog. “Regardless of previous conventions, we should spend a minute on the prejudices to which each society relies blindly.”