Blonde Hair Colors Which to Choose

It’s been at the head of many women stay blonde, some even risked dye your hair blond, but with little information ended up choosing the wrong color and ended up not pleasing, and so must be painting the hair in color as it was before, or haven’t had the guts to dye your hair blond, so let’s pass information and pictures, so you can make the right choice. So you will blow your new look.

The secret is to combine the wires with the skin tone, the trick is to take it easy, not try to be blonde from one day to the next (if you’re not blonde), patience is key to achieving the perfect shade.

Come on if you have the skin:

  • White skin – know that blonde hair falls out too well for white women, so you will be able to create a modern and elegant, if you have the pink-skinned, the indication is to opt for Platinum tones. So the shades of beige, Chamomile and very light blond take a look your look the will be illuminated. If you have yellowish-white skin, like the oriental, the tip is golden tones: so if you have brown or wires in amarronzadas shades, for example, can enlighten them with clear and discreet fuses, as well as make the presenter Sabrina Sato.
  • Brown skin-be careful in choosing the ideal blonde, so that the hair does not fall in contrast with the skin tone. In people who have lighter skin, the ideal is to have the dark blonde base and make locks in coppery nuances, ensuring a natural result. So other colors also match as the medium and honey blonde. The darkest Brunettes, the tip is blond tones more closed. So the colors such as honey is used to illuminate, harmonizing with cinnamon and caramel nuances, with that creates a natural gradient.
  • Black skin: the trick is not to paint real clear tone, opt for golden and coppery tones. Another tip is to take in count your age and color of eyes.