Black Head Mask for Blackheads Works

The dusting black carnations head mask promises to remove the unwanted blackheads, she is well-known on the internet, has several videos on youtube of people using the mask, she has a way “fun” to be used, because she looks like a black glue, and use you have to spread it on all your face, just don’t pass in the regions near the eyes and eyebrows because the product acts with a glue, be careful.

The product brings a refreshing feeling and effect immediate cleanup. The mask can be applied all over the face or just in the region featuring carnations, usually a lot of people have a lot of blackheads on the nose, the product acts nicely!

To use the product follow these steps:

  • Wet your face with warm water (or after the bath) so that your pores stay dilated. Soon after watering, light pat dry.
  • Apply the mask evenly on the (s) area (s). Use your fingers or a brush for applying avoid contact with eyes, eyebrows and hair.
  • Wait for about 20 or 25 minutes for the mask run dry and form a film, film on the applied area.
    After the skin “repuxando”, carefully remove the mask from the bottom up.
  • Wash your face to remove any excess product, pass antiseptic soap (to avoid proliferation of bacteria and therefore cases of acnes) and finish with moisturizer.
    For best results, use this product on a weekly basis.

Another tip is to get a towel after a shower and left on the face for about 5 minutes, so the pores will be wider, potentiating the effect of black mask. When buying give preference to the package who comes in tube, because the education is very difficult to be used more than once, then you end up having to use the whole product in an application.