Best Mascara Spring 2015

The new 2015 mascara, by the top of the most economical solutions range (but equally valid);

The mascara is one of the most loved beauty allies. Applied to complete the make-up or alone when there is little time, and in any case it is always indispensable. There is a mascara for every need even if the latest formulations tend to racchiuedere more effects in a single product. The new mascara are real “all-rounder”: volumizzano, bend, stretch, separate, comb, not least make the eyelashes of a beautiful deep black color.

Here are some novelties in 2015.


Benefit Roller Lash Mascara (€ 26.50), one of the most exciting innovations of this Spring.Thanks to the curved brush and the particular formulation, Roller Lash gives extreme volume, length and curvature. The brush silicone is small in size, slightly curved and flexible; This makes it perfect for cattuare all eyelashes and suitable for all forms of eye. The color is a beautiful deep glossy black. Available from March 2015 in the Sephora perfume.


Maybelline, renowned for its mascara, offers an interesting news for all the girls who love voluminous and curved eyelashes. This is the False Sensational (€ 12.00), a lightweight formula that helps to lift the lashes giving curvature and volume at the same time. Thanks to the brush by the bristles of different sizes is possible cattuare the allungadole lashes one by one.


YSL has recently re-launched its bestselling mascara Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils (€ 32.00) with a whole new formulation. Born for the first time in 2000 after 15 years he returns to impress the heart of many thanks to the creamy texture and extremely volumizing and at a time ensured for 8 hours. Arriccihto with precious ingredients such as Argan oil, castor oil, sweet almond and safflower, Pro-Vitamin B5 moisturizer and emollient, the new Volume Effet Faux Cils has been proposed in seven shades. The lashes appear stretched and volumizing, curved and fanned look for one that has no equal.


And ‘it born recently the new mascara Debby, All in One ( € 4.99). He promises to lengthen, give volume and curl your eyelashes in a single gesture. The formulation is rich in film-forming polymers which are elastic and flexible keeping lashes. It ‘a mascara with a fluid consistency, remains light on the lashes and leaves them soft to the touch.


After the classic Mascara Cils d’Enfer (also available in Waterproof version) Guerlain proposes a new version: Volume I Cils d’Enfer. The formula rich in oils and polymers combined with its brush silicone provides volume to the eyelashes, keeping them elastic and read. The duration is of 11 hours. Available from March 2015.


Doll’s Collection Mascara Glamour Doll (3.99 €) is the mascara from Catrice thought for the limited edition collection Doll’s Collection. Available in the one black color ensures volume and length to one from real doll look.


Tom Ford devotes to the Spring 2015 shades of blue, green and purple. The mascara of the collection, Extreme Mascara, arrives with a creamy texture that allows you to modulate the volume application after application. Extreme Mascara is available in two shades: Black Plum, dark purple, and Teal Intense, green oil.


Infinite volume and doe eyes for new mascara signed Artdeco: Supreme Volume Mascara (€ 17.00). The shape of the brush has been studied for a long time to reach all the lashes, even those that are short and thin. The texture, creamy on average, allows applying mascara modulating effect and without creating lumps. Duration? 10 hours! Furthermore, the formulation contains nutritious ingredients for the eyelashes, has no parabens and can also be applied by wearers of contact lenses.


Big Bold Angel Lash (3.99 €) is the latest mascara arrived in NYC home. Presented in the first days of 2015 Big Bold Angel Lash makes the lashes extremely substantial and volumized but at the same time keeps them reading. The brush hourglass is full of bristles of different sizes; the proposal is the color n. 856 Extra Black for very black eyelashes.