Best Lipstick for Spring 2015

Still you do not feel, but spring is coming. Discover with us the trends, textures, finish that will dictate the trends for 2015.

The trend for Spring 2015 suggest lips in the foreground for a make up lively and fresh.Whether you are lovers of nude color, or the brighter ones will certainly find the lipstick for you among the many proposals of various cosmetic brand.

In Spring you can never miss the pastel tones, ideal to wear even on the lips with shades of pink, peach and coral. Green light for even the most daring colors, first of all the Marsala and follow all the shades of the eternal red, the shade with blue undertone (perfect to reveal your teeth whiter), the one with orange hues, the burgundy, the red cherry.

What texture choose?

Basically the texture more beloved in Spring is polished to gloss effect for a fresh and more natural make up. But this year we will also find different proposals of lipsticks with matte or semi-matte texture that give the lips an elegant velvety appearance.

The lipsticks with gloss finish are the most moisturizing, perfect for those who suffer from chapped lips. Apply with ease and can be touched up during the day in moments.

To wear a matte or semi-matt texture is very important to have your lips treated and without cuticles; It is useful, therefore, to make one or two weekly scrub to keep them soft and moisturized. This kind of lipstick is generally more “challenging” to apply and is useful help with a contour-lip pencil and a fine-tipped brush from

The new lipsticks? Are balms!

The good news for all the girls who do not like lipsticks is that they can easily be replaced with lip balms. One of the new trends, in fact, is precisely to have a unique product that can be applied both as a balm that as lipstick. These lipsticks-conditioners have a particularly moisturizing formulation and at the same time rich in pigments. Nutritious and colorful, thanks to the mirror effect to give texture to the comfort and lip volume. They can also be applied without the mirror and are easily adapted to any type of look.