Best Lighting for the Eyes

The make-up miracle to have in beauty case to improve the look and the eye.

We’d all have a bright look and an eye contour rested every day, maybe what we have in the summer days on vacation without worries and everyday problems.
But when you’re in town and you are burdened with a thousand things to do, the only way is to resort to make-up, life-saving of all women.

The best lighting for the eye

Among the famous lighting around the world surely find the Touche Eclat YSL, a stick with a soft brush that lets you easily apply the product in the necessary points.
Considered by many the magic pencil when it relates to the eye, it is one of the products loved and most bought by women, despite the price is not really affordable (about 30 euro).
Always among the best-loved brands are Benefit that has a wide range of products dedicated to the eye: in particular it’s potent that has a purpose more “mascherativo” against dark circles and going to hide defects and give back light, high Beam which is instead designed just for contouring action with a high illuminating effect.
If you prefer the illuminating sticks, Benefit gives you that as well.
Always among the sticks you can quote the illuminating pen Dior, comfortable to hold in your bag, meets the expectations of even the most demanding.
If the stick is the preferred format you are spoiled for choice: in fact, both Marc Jacobs, both Pupa, both Sephora I will propose, you easily find in the shops.
the stick of Pupa also it has a corrective function, for antipaticissime circles that so afflict us.
for the series “mineral makeup” are illuminating in the dust Bare Minerals, one of the brands more known in the trade, in pinkish tone to illuminate cheekbones and for contouring. MicroEDU has instead created two formats: one in the tube, the more rosy, thought over the cheekbones, and a stick, more corrective, designed to cover the defects. In the jar you can find the illuminating cream Avon and tube of Rilastil, less opaque and more moisturizing. the mass distribution should be mentioned is the Oil of Olay Total effects that you find in supermarkets and that, among the cheapest products, one of those beloved by women, especially in America. Lastly, among the non plus ultra, we can put White Caviar La Prairie, cutting-edge brand in cosmetic research with very high quality products, but not right for every budget.