Best Concealer for Dark Circles 2014

In stick, cream or fully bio formulation: the latest news to cover dark circles with a concealer.

Dark circles are manifested in the form of more or less marked dark spots under both eyes and how to cover dark circles is a problem for many women, who in many cases can be solved by using specific markers to give back to the face and the eyes look more young and bright. In addition to classics such as proposed by Benefit, Kiko, Avene, the cosmetic houses annually launch new products on the market to try to respond more effectively to issues related to the skin. Among the novelties in 2014 we find Pupa with two different types of correction, sticks and cream, Avril Beauté with its bio proofreaders, Shiseido and Clarins created with new applicators able to measure the amount of product.


Cover Stick Concealer is a concealer by high opacity, hiding and corrects inperfezioni and signs of fatigue in a single pass. Despite the high coverage the result is very maturale. The redesigned packaging is very easy thanks to the tip retractable and comes in the form of three different shades: Light Beige, beige and darker skins the Dark beige. Cover cream concealer, rather it is the concealer Pupa is cream with adjustable coverage, covering and corrects dark circles and imperfections. Fresh and light texture tends to blend perfectly with the complexion and is available in four shades: Light Beige, Beige, Dark Beige and Orange , the latter ideal to neutralize the blue of dark circles. Even for this format is a new soft and very high precision applicator.

April Beauty

These are organic and certified correctors Eco-Bio, ideal for those who are attentive to the formulations and components of cosmetics. It comes up with a package that is very reminiscent of the powder, but unlike it, it has a creamy formulation. It is a concealer not suitable for those who need to cover very obvious imperfections, since it is very light if not used in conjunction with the foundation of the same line. The three color available:Porcelain for very fair skin, Nude for a fair-skinned complexion and Dore for complexions olive scales. However, these correctors have a double function, in fact, especially Porcelain, can be used as illuminating.


It is a concealer stick that fits perfectly to all types of skin and comes in three shades of beige base. Its formulation gives a natural coverage, mitigating all gray areas, and thanks to its applicator the amount of product is spread properly. Due to its ease in application and the sensitivity of the formulation, it is perfect for the eye area.


It’s called Sheer Eye Zone Corrector and is the new concealer launched by for spring summer 2014. It looks like a classic concealer pen from dual functionality: brightens and smooths imperfections. Shiseido presents it in three shades to best fit the skin complexion.