Benefits of Mayonnaise to Your Hair

The dry hair are a consequence of a major dehydration on the scalp, in addition to a scarce production. This causes the hair to break more easily, is unwieldy and seems rugged and with little glow. In this article from a, let’s talk about some of the best homemade products which may be used to solve these problems and achieve gorgeous hair hair and beautiful. This is mayonnaise, as it combines three ideal ingredients to hydrate and wetting the hair completely. Continue reading and discover all the benefits of mayonnaise to your hair.


  1. The Mayo combines three of the best natural products that exist to improve the appearance of hair and repair damaged parts, like the egg, olive oil and vinegar.

Each of them has excellent properties to nourish, hydrate and renew your hair dry and mistreated since the root to the ends and combined into a single recipe allows us to get a great homemade treatment to achieve a healthier hair, soft, loose and radiant.

  1. One of the main benefits of mayonnaise to your hair is a deep hydration and nutrition that offers hair fibers, something indispensable to combat the dryness that can cause the continuous use of appliances such as hair dryers, curling irons, straighteners, sun exposure or abuse of dyes or colorings. Both the egg as the olive oil is highly moisturizing ingredients and humectants, because they are rich in nutrients that contribute to moisture your hair needs to be healthy again, from the scalp to the ends. The result will be a hair softer than they don’t notice so rough to the touch.
  1. In addition to notice the hair softer and silky, the Mayo can become your best ally to reduce frizz when the hair gets frizzy is because no oil and enough water and, as a consequence, captures the ambient humidity, getting goose bumps and it ain’t pretty. The nutritional and moisturizing properties of which we talked about in the previous section will also help you avoid this frizz and your hair can look perfect with any hairstyle you want to do.

Not only the mayonnaise is a good product to win the battle of frizz, but there are other natural options such as argan oil, almonds oil, banana and avocado, honey, coconut oil, etc. Discover how you can use them by referring to the article home remedies for frizzy hair.

  1. Another of the basic problems of a dry and damaged hair is the lack of brightness and lightness, getting too dull and lifeless. The mayonnaise is ideal to stop this problem quickly, since after their application the scalp will get you retrieving your natural oils, which will cause the hair is stronger and shinier.

In addition to the mayonnaise hair treatment, other tricks that can put into practice to have more shine in the hair are: perform the last rinse with cold water when you wash your hair, limit the frequency of washing avoiding doing it every day and not abuse of dyes or chemicals.

  1. On the other hand, we have to talk about the properties of the vinegar to the hair, the third essential ingredient of mayonnaise. This does not stay behind and is excellent to restore the pH balance of your hair, clean the scalp in depth, seal the cuticles and encourage the youth of the hair. It is also an amazing natural product to reduce dandruff and stimulate the healthy growth of hair.
  1. Thanks to all these benefits, apply a mayonnaise treatment once or twice a week in her hair is a great opportunity to regain vitality and beauty of those dry, damaged and heavily damaged.

There are several ways to apply mayonnaise on your hair, we propose to you a hair mask which, moreover, includes the walnut oil, which will give you more shine and softness. We want to point out that this is a home remedy recommended for those women who have dry hair, since in oily hair could accentuate the problem of oil and dirty them faster.