Beauty Products

Tubes, crucibles and vials populate our bath in masses.Some are only a short visit, others stay a little longer.They are our daily companion, all the shower lotions, creams or facewashes. And since they have spent some time in the bathroom, one wonders how long the individual products are actually durable.

This is, of course, legally regulated, yes, there are also norms.Cosmetic products that last longer than 30 months have a small symbol.This small crucible symbol contains a number, eg 30M, which then indicates the duration of use after the opening.In this case, this would mean that the product can still be used for up to 30 months after opening.Cosmetics that are not allowed to be used for a long time should have an expiration date.However, in most cases, the proven crucible symbol is also found in these cases.Which of course does not mean that you have to throw away the product afterwards.Here are some tips on how to find out whether you can use cream or mascara or whether they are a case for the garbage can.

How long can I use my make-up?

Powders and eyeshadows are true long-term companions.They should still be as good as at the beginning at least 2 years after opening.You may also use them for a little longer.They must only be kept dry, otherwise there is a risk of mold.If the surface has become a little shiny with time, take the top layer with a handkerchief and powder as well as eye shadows are again like new.Only the Kajal can exceed this lifetime.It can practically not decay.If the tip does not look nice anymore, then simply re-sharpen it and it can be reused.

Liquid eyeliner and eyelash can be used for up to 6 months.In the case of mascara, the manufacturers grant up to this point that they are hygienically sound.And it should be left as well.The eye part reacts quickly to sensitive impurities.At the latest, when the ink lumps, it should be discarded. Here at you can get more different models and styles.

Lipsticks can be used for up to 3 years.For this purpose, remove the top coat of paint from time to time with a dry cloth, as this can easily dry out.If the lipstick smells rancid or has the color changed, then off with it and make you prefer new supplies.

Foundation can be used between 6 and 12 months.If an oily film forms or dissolves the ingredients from each other, you should not use them anymore.

When should I dispose of personal care products?

Shower gels and bathing accessories can be used for a maximum of 6 months.They should always be kept well closed.If water gets into the bottle, germs can multiply in it, which can lead to skin irritation.The same applies to shampoo and rinse.Bodylotion lasts up to one year.But if she starts to smell rancid, then she too is a case for the trash can.

Products for facial cleansing can be used for up to 2 years, but this also applies to: What odd smells must be gone.The more fat a face cream, the longer it can be used, up to 24 months maximum.If you have a fluid or gel for the face, then you should break it very quickly.They contain a higher water content and are therefore more prone to germs.Their shelf life varies between 3 and 12 months.If you use a spatula instead of your fingers to apply it and wipe openings on bottles or tubes regularly with a cosmetic towel, you can better counter impurities.

Suncream can be used for up to one year.After that, the light protection factor may have decreased.In general, sun protection products should always be kept cool and protected against light.If the sun cream is in the sun or is contaminated with sand, then worry about new sun protection.

Can I use nail polish and perfume forever?

Perfume can usually be used for up to 36 months.Fragrances, however, can evaporate and just light, fruity notes smell after a certain time perhaps not so intensively.Therefore it is best to always use flacons, in which the essences can be stored light- and air-protected

Nail polish is about 1 year durable.The more air comes to the varnish, the faster it dries out.If you are not sure whether you can still use the varnish, try it out.If the nail varnish can still be applied well, then use it calmly still.If it is too viscous or streaks have formed, then dispose of it better.And do not try to make it liquid again with nail polish remover, which only changes the consistency of the paint and looks not very nice.

So do not just rely on the print on your cosmetics, but also trust your eyes and nose.