Beauty Products for Pregnant Women

The Creams And Substances That You Should Avoid

I’m pregnant! Can I continue to use my usual creams?

This is a question that plagues many women and not just in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

Also part of the Group of pregnant women who have fears at this level, learn what the experts recommended in this area.

Beauty Products for Pregnant Women

This type of concern comes not from now. For a long time, the skin was considered a barrier impe netrável to the absorption of apli products or topically. Today, we know that the surface of the skin is slightly permeable, allowing the absorption of some active ingredients, to a greater or lesser degree conso before their physicochemical properties. So, during pregnancy you need a special care.

There is some difficulty in defining what can be used without prejudice to the mu llapse or for the baby, since, as a precaution, ‘ most active cosmetics are not tested on pregnant or nursing women», explains the pharmacist Jeanne Noble, scientific consultant of the Lierac brand. Are already, however, identified some ingredients and cosmetic procedures that show evidence of risk, which should, therefore, be avoided.

Always read the label of the packing gem to make sure the products will use do not include the contraindicados ingredients. Caution should be even higher in the first three months of that ten, most important stage in the formation of the baby, and the breastfeeding period, because many substances migrate into breast milk. If in doubt, ask your doctor.

Products Allowed

There are many cosmetics that can be used during pregnancy, in particular those forming part of the special lines for pregnant women. Among these include

-Anti stretch marks. Reinforce hydration and elasticity of the skin, helping to prevent yourself of their support fibers, which give rise to scarring lesions called stretch marks.

-Sunscreens. Must use a daily formula with high FPS because it helps in the prevention of Chloasma gravid (called the cloth).

-Products which promote the circulating blood and lymph-tion, to avoid the feeling of heaviness in the legs. The pharmacist Jeanne Noble reco switch formulas with botanical extracts.