Bathroom Makeup Mirrors

Furnishing the bathroom is not a simple undertaking. Often it has to do with cramped conditions, ranging well-organized, distributed and structured. If an inevitable solution consists of the lockers beneath the sink, an optional element, however, is becoming more and more essential, is represented by mirror cabinets.

Bathroom Makeup Mirrors

To take advantage of containers rooms, in addition to the coffers of the main bathroom cabinet, here in this room is getting road a piece of furniture, like a cabinet that hides behind the mirror, it takes up little space on the wall, representing the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.

The mirror cabinets, in fact, and allow you to keep on hand a number of beauty products and hygiene of useful everyday tools, also play an important aesthetic function: decorating the main wall of the bathroom, the one that overlooks the sink with a mirrored surface, really elegant interface that allows the landlord to admire his own reflection and to enjoy all his care.

Cabinets with mirror are characterized by a reduced depth. The ideal dimensions are those who place such a complement halfway between his being closet-case and his being mirrored surface.

A delicate balance that gives value, prestige, fame, these furniture solutions, which not coincidentally are increasingly appreciated especially by lovers of modern style.

A clear example of perfect fusion between aesthetics and functionality, is the model of Madrid 901-008 SB-Design.

It is a bath cabinet with mirrored surface, of rectangular shape, with an image thin, fine and elegant. Its dimensions: 65 cm wide, 72 cm in height, to 29 cm thick.

Around the area thus delimited from the cabinet, they are well-placed 4 shelves Side wenge color, very dark, plus a top shelf, which serves as a base for various products and support to integrated lamp.

A solution furnishing well finished and of excellent quality. Perfect for bathrooms with modern furnishings. Interesting price.

Adaptable much on the style of classic furniture that modern, the cabinet with 2 doors in Trendteam Mirror.

This is a very large solution consisting of two doors, with mirrored surfaces, which give access to a large container unit structured on shelves.Its dimensions: 65 cm wide, 72 cm long, for just 15 cm deep.

The two doors are finished, both upper and lower level, by a thick wood edging neutral color. An essence that facilitates the cabinet match with any existing furniture, in any dominant style. Excellent quality / price ratio.

Even more striking in size and shape, the 5413-76 model Posseik.

It is a cupboard entirely covered by mirrored surfaces, both in the front part and in the side. An element that is structured in three doors, of which the larger center and two perfectly symmetrical side, smaller and slender.

The total size: 68 cm wide, 71 cm high, 20 cm deep. A cabinet really impacting, capable of donating light and to enhance any bathroom.The ideal solution for people wishing to innovate its bathroom facing a small fee .

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