Barbie Vintage Fenzza-New Collection

The fenzza is a brand of cosmetics aimed at producing rows of lipsticks, mascara, shadows, among other items of makeup with affordable prices, that without leaving quality aside. Innovate in each release is the fenzza win more consumers faithful each day. One of the latest releases of the brand that has captured many people was the barbie line, which was launched at beauty fair 2013, and how innovation is very present in the vocabulary of the entire staff of the company the fenzza brought a new collection, vintage barbie. The following is more information about this news that made a lot of people excited.

New barbie vintage collection fenzza

After having released the year passed a line only with products inspired by barbie, in the year in which the world’s most famous doll complete 55 years, the fenzza innovated in released a collection of barbie-inspired vintage makeup.

Is pretty well complete collection, with products for the eyes, skin and also to color the mouth.

For now, the products are only being sold in netfarma, but soon will be sold throughout brazil. See below for more about the products:


Products for lips came well varied, since liquid lipstick with matte effect to mouth pencil. To color the mouth have four variations (liquid matte lipstick, lipstick, lip gloss fashion barbie and the retractable lip pencil), and in each each color options that are.


For eyes can find gel eyeliners, eyebrow pencil and plenty of shade. And what caught my attention off the mini skid was the barbie palette of 224 colors. And the coolest of this palette, are various colors with various different effects.


For the face also has a beautiful spray illuminator, novelty with a very sweet and cute. This outside the bases, mousse and powder illuminators.