Bad Beauty Habits to Break

Even if you do not realize it, there are some useless beauty habits and do not lead to any benefit. Certain everyday actions may lead to irritation and dryness of the pella or damage our hair. Here is what we should avoid doing.

The beauty habits that do not serve

1.Lucidare the nails every time you apply the nail polish is not necessary.

2.Se use a good cleanser for the face, no matter use the tonic.

  1. Remove the dirt under his nails with his hands is wrong, because it irritates the skin.Best to wash your hands and cut his nails.Anyway, the best way to clean the nail is a small brush with a little ‘of alcohol.

4.Stirare hair or make the fold every day.

5.Remove eyebrows (unwanted hair) every day. Instead, go to a beautician about every 20 days to let you all model, but between one session and the other does not touch them.

6.Apply too much cream or moisturizing products on the skin. No use because the skin does not tempt to absorb an excessive layer of product.

7.Tagliare cuticles of the hands is a bad habit. Rather used a cream for moisturizing hands.

8.Esfoliare the skin every day. It ‘just do it once a week.

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