Art of Nails Stiletto

Those who enjoy fingernails know that they can get as much attention as hair care and make. Or even more! There are nails so decorated and incredible that sometimes attract more attention than the whole look, thus becoming the wildcard of the visual.

This is the case with stiletto nails. They are characterized by being sanded in such a way as to be very thin at the ends and by the decoration made in the smallest details.

The trend has already conquered the famous. Celebrities such as Katy Perry, Kelly Osbourne, Lana Del Rey and Fergie love to show off their stiletto nails on TV, at shows, at parties, and in photos posted on their social networking profiles.

Here are practical tips to get you inspired and adopt this technique if you are interested in this different nail shape.

Art of Nails Stiletto

How to make stiletto nails

It takes care and dedication to let the nails grow to the point of being shaped stiletto style. Nailz Nailz manicure Janaína Castro explains how to have strong nails: “In addition to having a healthy diet, it is important to keep the nails hydrated . Products that have strengthening components are a good option to make the nail stronger. strengthening) is very good and can be easily found in beauty shops, “she says.

See in step-by-step how to sanding the nail so it does not break easily and look sharp:

  1. With the specific pliers, cut the nail corners diagonally;
  2. One tip is to use a banana sandpaper to give the desired shape, as this type of sandpaper picks up nicely the edges of the nail;
  3. Sand on the diagonal, a little rounded, but without exaggerating not to lose the sharp style;
  4. And remember: to keep them pointed, you need to nail your nails once a week.

Regarding the decoration, you can abuse the colors! According to the manicure, the light shades of enamel create a great contrast in brown skin. And all the skin tones look amazing with very colorful enamels.

The adhesives are also released and do not harm the health of the nail. “The adhesives are applied over the enamel, so they do not have direct contact with the nail. The films disintegrate along with the enamel, as it peels, the adhesive accompanies,” said Janaína.

If you want to invest in fingernails, know that it takes about 15 minutes to get your hands done. According to the manicure, with a little practice you can get the hang of it!

False stiletto nails are practical and easier options

If you still do not feel safe trying to leave your own stiletto-style nails or want a more practical option, false nails can be an alternative.

It is possible to find on the market both the entire long nail stiletto, to be glued at the base of the nail, as well as the pointed tip, to stick on the tip of your nail. You can also buy square or round false nails and sand them into the stiletto shape.

When choosing between types of false nails, pay attention to your needs. Gel nails are applied directly to the nail by a professional and last for at least 15 days. Nail stickers can be applied by yourself and can be easily found in cosmetic stores – but for better durability and conservation, avoid contact with water. Porcelain nails look more natural, but the application should be done very carefully and preferably by a professional manicure.

Now inspiration is what you will not miss to make your nails more dazzling than ever! Get to work!

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