All The Guests to Miu Miu’s Party in New York

These days it has inaugurated the new Miu Miu store in the New York neighborhood of Soho, there has been plenty of familiar faces doing us a great favor and is that what you celebrate, matters little, that interest us are her looks, because this type of semi-informales parties, are an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Basically because of the few events in which the models, trendsetters of pro, make Act of presence and allow us to take note of their estlismos.

The same thing with celebrities to the Peaches Geldof (pictured above), who basically live at night and which are not lost even a just “ Soiree ”, so you have a perfect background of night Cabinet. She, in this case, I do not like, but her friend, goes 10: I love skin dress (notice to Mariners: have one identical in H & M for 160 euros, Yes, it is a little excessive but is worth its weight in euros), Fuchsia shoes (and attention to the touch of the nails in the same color), and the Leopard hand bag.

The Brazilian models Daiane Conterato (of which I spoke some time ago) and Lais Oliveira, they put the exotic note to the evening, although both elgieron black as an ally. By the way: I want Daiane Prada bag.

Hana Soukupova, It was gorgeous with a simple dress in purple and a mini leather jacket, a combination of easy, youthful, sexy and winner.

Sasha Pivovarova, which Sergio told us recently, bet on a long, velvety black and white, dress with a huge back neckline: sign up the trick, because if you want to deflect attention from your front, the best is a good neckline back.

Claire Danes, that is not lost even a single party which organizes Miuccia Prada in the Big Apple, curiously chose the same model of the host firm, Miu Miu, the Spanish actress Elena Anaya led in the opening of the store in Madrid.