Agyness Deyn with Her Look More Restrained So Far

Perhaps airs them New Yorkers, perhaps one in another city other than yours is not so free, or that the day’s refrain and put moderately well has come (though that you have read the section of worst dressed of Jezebel and has opted to change). The case is that Agyness Deyn has dress form “ normal ”, understanding why the opposite of esto, which until now was its style.

Along with her boyfriend, Albert Hammond Jr., the guitarist of The Strokes, and the poodle’s turn, the Manchester model walked by the Big Apple with a look which combined a big dark brown velvet coat (despite appearing skin), a less bushy black stockings and black leather musketeer boots. Three elements that were getting a normal look, quite bland but for British model is a milestone.

Now, could not miss his touch “ special ”, this time given by a Leopard Hat game with his small dog. And as last added: coffee. Join will the club of Tisdale, Hudgens and company now that it is in the United States?

On this occasion it will two, counting the cover that stars this month for Vogue Korea. Finally there will be change been?