Aesthetic Aligners: Worth Investing?

Who doesn’t want to be with a good look? Here, all body parts must be aligned with the model of aesthetic beauty that we have today. Many are aimed at very the beauty of the body and end up forgetting one very important part: our smile.

He can open doors, make new friends and of course, let your face much more beautiful.Having well-aligned teeth gives a better appearance.

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The procedures in the field of dentistry today has as a priority the proper alignment of the teeth. Therefore, one of the first recommendations of the professionals is to be carried out using an orthodontic appliance and therefore the patient is referred to an orthodontist for treatment of aesthetic rehab.

How to choose the right guy?

That’s going to indicate is the dentist. He will make an assessment and you will display some options and what are the steps to follow in the treatment, getting effective results at the end. As Brazilians are very mixed, the genetics may not favor both the functional part, i.e. the chewing and this should be taken into consideration at the time of displaying aligner aesthetic.


Types of aesthetic aligners


This is the most common of all and also much hated, mostly by your aesthetic appearance. But why they are still the favoured by dentists? Because they can solve almost any problem of alignment since the treatment is well oriented and followed to the letter.

Besides the aesthetic problem, which promotes an appearance not so pretty for those uses, he has other minor disadvantages. The foods are always accrued, which requires having a toothbrush and toothpaste in my purse all the time, mucosal ulcerations might be, pain and parts of it can come loose or break.


Fixed transparent

A device type that is being a good option for those that align the teeth and still stay with the best appearance, is the fixed appliance transparent. The devices are manufactured with polycarbonate, porcelain or Sapphire, everything to improve his appearance. The disadvantage here is that the cost is greater, in addition to break more easily.

Invisible aligners

This is not very common on the market, but for those who can spend a bit more to feel good in front of the mirror, is a good option. They are very similar to the bleaching boards and is fully customized and individualized, using three-dimensional technology to your production. They must be replaced every 15 days of use.


The dentist makes a mold of your teeth, for your time, is sent to the United States where it is manufactured and a software makes the simulation of how the movement of the patient’s jaw. If the dentist approve, the appliance is sent to Brazil, arriving in the professional’s hand.

The minimum treatment time is 5 months but can last up to 4 years. However, do not be alarmed because the overall average is 18 months. The treatment is more expensive but save countless advantages:

  • better aesthetics;
  • It’s practically invisible;
  • and offers greater comfort, especially at feeding time, since the patient can remove the appliance at any time;
  • maximum hygiene;

But not everything is flowers in this life, you will also find some disadvantages:

  • high cost;
  • the appliance must be used at least 20 hours a day;

See what are your real needs and how much you can spend. Think long term. If you notice that you’re going to be able to keep a more expensive treatment and makes you feel better, it is worth investing. If you are without money, try other models and new alternatives.