Addicted to Nail Polish

Hello girls addicted to nail polish, palpiteco today to make Scrooge even more fashion! We love when it is new, it spent a week even without a “deal” in our little friends. But come and let’s face it, sometimes the conventional sickens neh?! You know that day that you wake up with an overwhelming need to change, flee the sameness and try something different? Well, lately we are with these symptoms! RS. So dear readers, today we want to share with you our latest passion in the universe of “Nail Art”: the FRENZY! Who is Campo Grande (MS) may already meet the kiosk in Shopping Campo Grande, or have overlooked, or perhaps even imagine the kind of news we can find there. The fact is that we are crazy with the plethora of options that the store offers to the beauty of the nails!

Addicted to Nail Polish

The FRENZY appeared to offer more choices of nail polish to the market of Campo Grande, which at the time only offered the traditional brands. In 2011, the sisters Beatriz Perez (publicist) and Denise Perez (physiotherapist) began to bring different glazes for the friends, and soon saw a business opportunity. In a few months, the FRENZY! The store already exists here in the capital for about a year and a half, and always sought to offer all the news of enamels and nail products on the market. Today we can find there over 300 colors of Nail Polish, more than 20 marks (between domestic and imported), as well as press-on nails, nail decoration accessories and products for hygiene and treatment. People, is tuuudo good! The big news is that in addition to the products, the store also offers the unique service of nail printing, which allows you to file them with the more than 500 drawings available on the printer itself, or with images and photographs brought by customers. This machine is imported, a super novelty that the FRENZY brought to Campo Grande. There’s a catalog with multiple images to choose from, or you can take a picture right there, get a picture from the internet, anyway, the impression is made in time on your nail. It’s not super cool? Piraaamooosss!!!!!

We did the festaaa with the little machine … kkkkkkkkkk.

The cool thing is that you can choose a picture from the internet or catalog; take a picture of your face or your son; take a Flash Drive with the image you want to use, anyway, creativity and options is that there is no shortage. And look at that cool: soon the FRENZY will begin renting this machine for events. Have you ever wondered how cool would be a kids ‘ Party, where girls can paint nails, a bandage on with the party symbol, a drawing or any theme chosen by the birthday boy? The kids will freak out … love the idea!!!

To the client making a purchase without error and leave satisfied, the FRENZY works with samples. So you can see the color, the effect and the enamel finish, avoiding that the Windows be opened and tested, ensuring the integrity of the product you buy.

The imported brands sold in FRENZY, one of the most exclusive is the O.P.I. Already at nationals is uniqueness of Latika, follows imported quality standard and Ella, Ella Kids Kit suitable for children (is non-toxic and out with warm water). Among the collections he made flashes are: Mariah Carey (O.P. I); Euro Centrale (O.P. I); Hits Speciallitá (F * Hits); Jade (Special Glitz); Rock in Ri(Ludurana) and dear diary (Latika).

Several options for accessories.

Products for hygiene and treatment of nails …

Kiosk fluffy and full of news!

Isn’t paradise girls?

For those who wish to present, the FRENZY works with three values of gift voucher, which can be used in products such as in prints. You know when you want to give a friend, but wants something different and priced friend? Here’s a creative suggestion and that will make the greatest success!