A Solidarity Cut: Cut and Fold the Symbolic Price

Two beauty salons in Milan open their doors to solidarity in times of crisis with “A Solidary Cut”: cut and fold the symbolic price of EUR 8, every third Wednesday of the month. Part of the proceeds will be donated to stop violence against women.

  • The crisis has put a strain on your finances? Do not give up a session at the hairdresser. It tried to make them fair improves mood and self-esteem, giving you the right energy to regain the enthusiasm.
  • As an act of solidarity with two Milanese salons, Glamour (via Plinio 39 (entrance Via E. Noe 2) and Urbanomania (Alzaia Naviglio Grande 34), offer to all women who can not afford the cost of list “A Solidary Cut” or cutting and fold the symbolic price of €8. the day chosen is on the third Wednesday of the month.
  • For every euro collected 8 salons will donate to charity at 3CAM Listening Men Maltreating Center, a reception service and taking charge of men who have decided to embark on a path of change with respect to its violence.
  • Join yourself initiative that makes you beautiful and loves women!