A New Study Reveals That Vitamin D Can Prevent Colds

Winter is synonymous with colds and flu, two diseases that we sound much and that make us have a general malaise that prevents us from performing our life normally for a few days. When we fall sick little can be made already, since we must pass it without more. The important thing in preventing these diseases is prevention. Always has been said that vitamin C is the best vaccine against colds, but nowadays, and due to new research, the Vitamin D It has begun to gain positions.

We all have clear that healthy diets, in which incorporate large amounts of vitamins is a good way to avoid some diseases, since they are one of the best ways of protection that exists. For this reason the vitaminic contribution must be right every day, although it is necessary to have clear what each of them is.

According to new research carried out by the University of Colorado, Massachusetts general hospital and the children’s hospital of Boston, Vitamin D is an important part in the prevention of colds and illnesses typical of this time of the year. With this statement vitamin C ceases to have such importance and not already monopolizing the prevention of colds, they should share it with the vitamin D we need to know how it works.

D the body not can assimilate vitamin itself only, Since you need of the rays of the Sun to absorb it. Therefore, exposure to the Sun King is required. The less we Sun less amount of this vitamin will have. According to this study was that people who had suffered from a cold recently had vitamin D levels very low. These people were usual for colds at any time of the year.

That assessment has revealed the possibility that the Vitamin D is also an enhancer in systemmunologico of the body such as vitamin C, that is, it increases the body’s defenses by having better predisposition wing to face attacks from the outside.

According to the study, this figure is worse in people who already suffer or suffer from a respiratory illness. is that in them the action of colds and flu is higher than in the rest if you have vitamin d deficiency It is true that the data from this study they are waiting for a clinical evaluation, but at the moment they give us the track of a possible action over one of the most necessary in the body vitamins, since it is responsible for the binding of calcium by the body.

Now must bear in mind the role of a vitamin which we asimilaremos only if we do to us the Sun for a few minutes a day whether it is winter or summer. It is true that cold weather don’t feel us both out, but it is necessary that we a bit of the Sun throughout the day to avoid ending up winter with minimum levels of vitamin D, which in addition to influence when it comes to getting colds, may be the trigger for the weakening of our bones.