50 Shades of Gray Makeup

Some ideas to recreate the make up of the film, or invent one all over again in the gray tones!

50 Shades of Gray Makeup

50 shades of gray is depopulated everywhere: if you want to pay homage also with make up, here’s some ideas for you.

The make up of 50 grey shades

Even before the film arrived in theaters, were already available caskets dedicated to the film.First of all the casket Diego dalla Palma dedicated to the film. Movies aside, it is a casket so inviting because it not only includes an eye shadows set (gray course) and a couple of pencils (always gray, of course) that allow you to easily create a smokey eye described by LOCALCOLLEGEEXPLORER, but also a blush peach, a mascara and four lipsticks from peach to red fire that will complement a bit ‘that look all’Anastasia Steele, a little’ girl next door, a little ‘charming sorceress.
Always between the lines dedicated to the film we find the box set of Make up for ever: less gray, more red, but especially a clutch in velvet with key time, but does not open any secret door of no red room.
finally also OPI has dedicated a line of enamels, fabulous as always, on the tones gray, because even the nails have their share (especially in the bedroom).

Mr grey smokey eyes

If you prefer caskets to the single purchase or palettes, you will certainly be spoiled for choice. Nars and Gucci offer individual eye shadows in shades of gray, Givenchy and Estee Lauder giving you the absolute gray, Mac stands out for its texture “to shirt “(and for the quality, it goes without saying), Chanel has the perfect duo for your Smokey Eye and palettes of Sephora and YSL are for those who want to have the embarrassment of choice, because between two, three or four gray there is a difference. You for laziness? Then here is the eye shadow stick, easy to apply, created for you by Marc Jacobs, with that glitter touch that never out of place.

Not only eye shadows

The gray of course is not only the stuff of eye shadows: to give a little ‘light to the eye here is the’ eye liner silver of Urban Decay. Increasingly Urban Decay is the Pencil gray, designed to give depth to the eye, but that can always be useful if you wanted to give a whimsical look to the lips tingendole gray (move prohibited for too pale, the effect is always around the Mortisia ‘corner). Pencil Cosmetics Snow to define the eyes, both above and below, also inner eye, so their products are ipoallegernici. Finally touch of gray for the nails with the collection of L’Oreal Le gris: hard to pick just one, I would put a different one for nails!