5 Treatments for Wrinkles Infallible

The mirror is a cruel mate, but the truest of all. It’s nothing nice looking at it and seeing that wrinkle forming that wasn’t there yesterday. It’s sad, but that’s the reality of every human being, especially women. Just so you know, men lose collagen with lower speed.How about that?

Learn what are the most basic care that you must have with your skin.

However, the technology is a true blessing from heaven. She is able to bring the years back and make us go back in time. For that you need to know the best treatments that exist in the market to end up with wrinkles and those that are best for your skin type.Let’s go get ’em!

Facial Micropuntura


Before that Marvel, the treatments that existed for wrinkles were botox (for which a lot of people twisting nose because this is not fact, just paralyzes the muscle leaving the face without expression, and only lasts for 5 months) and the lifting.But, what the Facial Micropuntura do? The lactic acid is placed on the skin so painless and it can stimulate the formation of collagen.

Using a device called dermographism, the same used for permanent makeup applications. So the result start to appear, are held 10 sessions (patients aged over 50 years may need a larger number of sessions) and also the patient make maintenance sessions, at least 1 time per month. The results can last up to 2 years.

Facial gymnastics


How about playing a bit with the mirror? There is not enough cash to your anger making faces, facial expressions are designed specifically to certain points of the face. Is perfect for those who don’t want to undergo invasive procedures or without money in your pocket. She does not work miracles, but can leave the lines shallower.

The idea here is to make the musculature of the face work. In the same way it happens with the rest of the body when we exercise, when we work the muscles of the face we can that there is increased blood flow and, with it, greater oxygenation, taking more nutrients to the epithelial tissue and leaving the skin younger.

The ideal is to do a little exercise every day and you should not focus on one area at the expense of another. So, do exercises for the region of the forehead, eyes and mouth, which are areas in which form one too many wrinkles.




This is a permanent solution, everything you’ve always wanted isn’t it? It works as follows: a substance called polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) is injected in a region that is under the facial muscles. anesthetic substance is used to perform the procedure.

Here’s the positive point to be definitive, i.e. you will not need to keep coming back to the Office. This can also be the downside. What if something goes wrong? If your body rejects the product? Surgery is required to remove the product and nobody wanted to keep the face marked isn’t it?



In this case, small skin perforations occur practically but microscopic that are very useful to stimulate new collagen formation, clotting. Also promotes the production of elastin, a protein very important to maintain skin elasticity which will getting lost with time.

However, to go through this kind of procedure is necessary to take some precautions. For example, it is not indicated when the skin is very Tan because it can cause stains. If you have any pathology that worsens with exposure to light or some type of photosensitive, allergy should not use this treatment.

Dermabrasion or Crystal Peelling


Here, the procedure is more aggressive and, thus, is more indicated to treat wrinkles deeper, those who failed to push through the more conventional treatments. Unlike laser, dermabrasion is better suited for those with dark skin.

We must make use of local anesthesia since there is a kind of “sanding” the skin using microcrystals Jet aluminum oxide. The idea here is to stimulate the production of new skin and healing occurs in about a month. The value of the session can be a little salty and the amount will depend on the result, being an average of 10, the most appropriate quantity.