5 Beauty Secrets of Jennifer Aniston

She needs no introduction, is an actress, a director and a producer, but was super famous even after playing in the 1990, the funny Rachel Green on the show friend.

Well, in addition to winning recognition for his role, which earned him an Emmy, a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award, she gained fame for her hair, which still today, even with the end of popular series, is one of the most requests in the halls.

So, we decided to share here the secrets that the actress revealed to the site, are makeup tips, skin care and of course, how to care for and maintain your hair beautiful and envied. Pen and paper in hand, note the tips:

Beauty Secrets of Jennifer Aniston

1 –  Don’t Wash Your Hair

Yes, believe me, that nice and silky hair that is so much jealousy, the beautiful Jennifer Aniston, is nothing hygienic technique to many people.

According to Jennifer Aniston, the first thing to be a hairstylist, Chris McMillan, said, “do not wash your hair!”

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So, and so she’s been doing, according to their own website, she confided in said have already run out of play in the water for a long time, sometimes for a whole week.

And when finally decides to wash, she uses the Living Proof shampoo, who helped develop. The product would be a “watershed because of silicone-free formula”.

2 –  Leave-In Night

Another tip of the cupcake is in relation to hydration, which, she says, should not be restricted only to the skin of the face during the night, the hair also need care. She confesses not know this and even have been surprised when it was suggested the treatment:

“I’m not going to lie, they came to me and said, ‘this is going in your hair’. I replied, ‘I’m not going to put cream on my hair at night! And my sheets?’ But the product is absorbed instantly and let the hair great the next day!”

According to Jennifer, even after washing it, the leave-in continues to hydrate the wires.

And the nightly tips for the hair does not stop there, there’s another that she shared with us, which is to make a braid to conquer waves in the morning. According To Jennifer Aniston:

“I always like to make two braids at night. When I wake up, take a look beautiful, natural and beachy.”

3 – Forget the Dryer

Yes, while many women find it impossible to dry the hair without the dryer, this item is not part of the routine of beauty of the actress, she claims she does not use dryer.

“When I’m not working, I leave my hair dry naturally. This helps you stay healthier.”

4 – Replace the Lipstick for Lip Balm

You know the good old lipstick? As it is, is not among the items in the jewel case of Jennifer Aniston. It is known for its natural beauty style, says that his preference for the lips are the lip balms.

“When I see girls with those red lips on the red carpet, I always think that how do you keep the look all night?”

Jennifer Aniston also that always has a lip balm of pharmacy in bag.

5 – Sunscreen

Last but not least, is the hint to be very careful with the Sun’s rays.

“Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! I’m obsessed with sunscreen. I loved the Sun used to be. Loved the beach. And even today it’s hard to resist, but you can’t forget the protection first!”