Nail Styles with Glitter

The Polish market has grown absurdly in Brazil. Today we can no longer complain that we don’t have color options and styles because the national brands have evolved a lot. Another thing that makes me very happy is that allergy-causing components, such as toluene and formaldehyde, are being withdrawn from the formulas of glazes. I have allergies and I know how

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Male Vanity

As you all already know, skin care, hair etc, are no longer exclusively of the feminine universe, right? Today’s post is for her:every woman has a man to take care of and also for them:they also need and deserve tips of male beauty. So here we go: more… Male Vanity

Addicted to Nail Polish

Hello girls addicted to nail polish, palpiteco today to make Scrooge even more fashion! We love when it is new, it spent a week even without a “deal” in our little friends. But come and let’s face it, sometimes the conventional sickens neh?! You know that day that you wake up with an overwhelming need to change, flee the sameness and try something different? Well, lately we are with these symptoms! RS. So dear readers, today we want to share with you our latest passion in the universe of “Nail Art”: the FRENZY! Who is Campo Grande (MS) may already meet the kiosk in Shopping Campo Grande, or have overlooked, or perhaps even imagine the kind of news we can find there. The fact is that we are crazy with the plethora of options that the store offers to the beauty of the nails! more… Addicted to Nail Polish

Gifts for Girlfriend

We’re on the last weekend before the “Valentine’s day”. How do you know that most makes the purchase of gifts for the last time, we decided to give a hand and create wishlists for three types of girlfriends: romantic and modern vanity. more… Gifts for Girlfriend

How to Make up Your Eyes to Look Bigger

To make up the eyes to make them look bigger you should be aware of a few simple rule: let us see how you can get excellent results for an intense look and deep, and much larger eyes.

Learn how to make up your eyes to make them look bigger is one of the most important things in a self-respecting make-up.

Here are some tips to have a deep look and make it look like eyes bigger with a few touches of stap by step right, pencil and cosmetics. more… How to Make up Your Eyes to Look Bigger

How to Use the Curvex

Using the curvex is simpler than you think, check out

To achieve a striking eye effect, double mascara and curvature is infallible.While the former lengthens and increases the volume of the lashes, the second has the power to make them well curved. more… How to Use the Curvex

Enamels Colorama Colors

Photos of the New Enamels Colorama Colors 2018

With the new Colorama Glazes 2018 Glazes, there are beautiful models to make your nails even more beautiful and different, they are enamels with great colorations, with very different models that all of you will love.The releases are coming gradually in the cosmetics stores all over Brazil, and you can not fail to check or even keep an eye on these releases as soon as possible, because it really is worth it, so stay on top of the news too. more… Enamels Colorama Colors

The Best Facial Treatments: Top Ten Facials

Wrinkles, looseness and co:The aging of the skin does not remain invisible.This top ten of facial treatments shows what options there are to get rid of the unwanted traces of time without beauty surgery.

From ultrasound to botox to fruit peelings: If you want to combat wrinkles or liquefies actively, you can choose from a variety of techniques. But how do they help? Here is a brief overview of the various facial treatments and their effects. more… The Best Facial Treatments: Top Ten Facials

Orly Halloween Collection

E ‘already time to think about the party of monsters, witches and vampires with collection of nail Orly for Halloween 2013. more… Orly Halloween Collection

Pay Attention to these Characteristics

Which hairstyle suits me? A question that some women may spend weeks, if not their whole lives. There are crucial basic questions.

Which hairstyle suits me? This depends on many different factors and therefore there are no simple rules that apply to all. Every person is individual – that’s why every haircut looks different to every woman. more… Pay Attention to these Characteristics