Sexy Plus Size Clothing of Gala Rachmilevitch

In the first part of our blog posts, you have met already Gala Rachmilevitch. Now the second part of Gala’s story.

“When I was 20, I decided: I will change the world – how naive of me.” No other woman should suffer due to their weight.Thickness children should be happy children and grow up to be fat teenagers and self-confident women. Women can do and be what they want. Even though I had lost my childhood, I didn’t want that others have the same experience. Everyone should know that he or she is fantastic and impressive, even though he or she is thick. Everyone should know that he or she can be anything and do. The weight determines not who is, for example, Mrs. Since the Israeli fashion industry did not accept me, I created a new fashion industry. I built up a fashion world i.e. people who were thick, large or small – for people who were “not good enough”, or as they say “ugly”. I fought with the media, so that published article with plus size models and “real” women. I struggled with Fashion designers to dress sizes. I had success. The new fashion industry is a reality. Now I’m buyer, fashion consultant, personal stylist, stylist for magazines and journalist of many magazines. Also my own styling , I founded Academy. more… Sexy Plus Size Clothing of Gala Rachmilevitch

Christmas New Trend Nail Design

Have Christmas-proof nail is a very fun pastime and can offer many surprises. Here are some ideas for making nail art trends.

Getting the House ready for Christmas is not the only commitment, we must also think of beauty. You already have then imagined the makeup for the holidays? For that maybe there is time, instead, for the decoration is very important to carve out some time soon. In our photo gallery you will find many examples to have Christmas party-proof hands. more… Christmas New Trend Nail Design

Long Red Elegant Prom Beautiful Dresses with Lace

Soon the graduation season arrives, and the long red graduation dresses with lace can be an elegant option for many women. But in this phase of choices, there is no way, many doubts arise, and many women are in crisis because they do not know what to do. more… Long Red Elegant Prom Beautiful Dresses with Lace

10 Items for Christmas Gifts

The possibility to buy your gifts via the internet at Christmastime facilitated very stylish men’s lives, there is a world of products available just waiting that you put them in the shopping cart and click “Finish”, but it is precisely this variety that can leave you undecided about what deserves to be purchased, whether to give a friend or auto-presentear , that’s why we decided to assemble a list of 14 items with quality, style, check out: more… 10 Items for Christmas Gifts

Homemade Exfoliation Tips for Oily Skin

Tips on how to do a home scrub for anyone who has oily skin

How about learning a homemade scrub recipe for oily skin. This recipe is a cheap and will help make your skin even more beautiful. Oily skin tends to facilitate the appearance of blackheads and pimples, to escape from this a good home skin cleansing should solve your problem. The homemade scrub recipe for oily skin is simple to prepare and with ingredients you certainly should have at home. Homemade exfoliation in oily skins should be done at least once a week, the result is very good and in the first application it is possible to perceive a positive result. more… Homemade Exfoliation Tips for Oily Skin

Dior Christmas Perfume Collection

The last part of the Christmas collection “Le Grand Bal” by Dior is the eponymous fragrance from the perfume series “La collection Privée Christian Dior” – unfortunately not everywhere gets these fragrances. Here in Germany the Dior boutiques, for example in Munich maximilianstr 18) or in the following shops:
• Alsterhaus Hamburg
• Douglas Königsallee Düsseldorf
• Breuninger Stuttgart (from end of November)
• KaDeWe Berlin (from end of November) more… Dior Christmas Perfume Collection

Short Lace Skirts Beauty

Today the short skirts with income are on the rise, and make the greatest success among women, especially among the younger. And being the income a timeless and noble fabric, it is very used, especially in dresses and festive clothes. more… Short Lace Skirts Beauty

Trendy Beachwear Beauty

Summer is coming and with it comes a lot of good stuff: happy hour, longer days, trips to the beach, tanned skin and beautiful, colorful and comfortable clothes! more… Trendy Beachwear Beauty

Jumpsuit Plus Size Beautiful Clothing of Hayley Hasselhoff

Participate and with a little luck win-and this sensational large sizes outfit of Happy Size! This look Hayley Hasselhoff has carried on the Plus Size Fashion Days on the catwalk. And since they are so happy liked the black jumpsuit and trendy accessories, she had this the next day the same even on the plane back to LA to. Do yourself a pleasure to St. Nicholas!

You won? Then us an email to or tell us on Facebook send a private message, so we can get in touch with you.

The winner is:  Tiger Tina

more… Jumpsuit Plus Size Beautiful Clothing of Hayley Hasselhoff

Oversized Men’s T-Shirt Guide

Talk TIME, all right? Last week I received an email from a reader asking me to talk a little bit about types of T-shirts, to help in the choice of products. That suggestion gave me an idea to make a Guide to men’s long sleeved models that are up to 2015. So bora pro post view the details? more… Oversized Men’s T-Shirt Guide