The Worst Makeup from Celebrities

It’s no use, make is one thing, if you’re not perfect, can pay the mico of the century. Today we’ll show you the worst makeup from 2014 the famous.

What brings comfort is knowing that we are not just us mere humans, we made these catastrophic mistakes. On the contrary, several celebrities have screwed up badly in make or have not learned how to combine a look very well.

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Latest Trends in Hairstyles

When we think of the chignon, the first thing that comes to mind are the precise and neat hairstyles of ballet dancers, but over the years this hairstyle so elegant and graceful suffered a great evolution.

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Summer Nail Polish: Color Changing in the Sun

We have a super special tip for you compose your look: summer Nail Polish trend, which change color under the Sun! If you are tired of conventional polishes and want to bet on something more daring and different, this is the time.

This kind of enamel already exists abroad for a long time. Before, the change was pretty decent, but currently she is radical. As if by magic, blue turns purple and gold turn gray.

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Miss Broadway Nail Polish

Crack & Shyne is the newest kit proposed by Miss Broadway  consists of a pair of enamel (Shyne Crack Base + Top Coat) that allow you to create on the now famous “effect crakle” or “crackle” nails that crack the effect.

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Watermelon Nail-Learn How to Make

Walk with your nails painted and tidy is a lot of fun, in addition to showing caution, are beautiful. Do you like to do super different designs on the nails? Exotic and fun stuff? So, this tutorial is for you. Today you will learn how to make the watermelon nail, a drawing that is super sweet, cute and best of all: it’s super easy.

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MAC Studio Nail Lacquer

Glitter, pearly and much color! To start 2015 with enthusiasm, Mac Cosmetics expands the permanent line of glazes Studio Nail Lacquer with new breakfasts playing on the many facets of glitter.

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Romantic Hairstyle DIY

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so I thought I’d show you how to make a romantic hairstyle suited precisely for this festival and maybe even other occasions or special evenings, between lovers, or to make someone fall in love.

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Makeup For the FIFA World Cup

The World Cup is coming, with that many women are already planning their makeup, nails and accessories to form a beautiful and you don’t stay out of this, the woman brought a great tutorial showing how to make a beautiful makeup for the 2014 World Cup inspired by the colors of the brazilian flag, check out below.

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Makeup For Christmas and New Year

The holidays are coming, so it’s time to learn two makeup perfect for Christmas and new year.

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Short Curly Hair Fashion

After the proposals of curly hairstyles long for the ‘summer 2012, we offer you today those for short curly hair.

If your curls are very short, but not least rebels do not worry, you can sbizzaririvi with many new trendy and original.

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