Makeup for Black Skin-Tips

What kind of woman resists a makeup well feitinha that only enhance your beauty? But it is very important to choose the right makeup for your skin type, tone. Because rather than emphasize your beauty, it will only draw attention to points that obviously you don’t want to show. Black skin requires care, because there is many shades of skin, the makeup vary a little, especially in the preparation of the skin before the rest. With this we will see some tips for preparing for black skin, the best makeup for you work always, and without th e submit in makeup. more… Makeup for Black Skin-Tips

Lipsticks Impala Maximum Coverage-Collection And Where To Buy

Impala is a brand that belongs to the company name in national territory, Mundial Personal Care. As the name of the company, produces products people care. The Impala by itself is well known for the nails care products, like acetone Nail Polish and the like. However recently launched a line of makeup, where we can find skin care products, face and lips among others. Among the products launched in makeup line of Impala, which already spend of 100, are the lipsticks. In the area of products for lips’s latest collection, the Impala maximum coverage, with some of the most used colours at the moment. See below for more information on this collection of lipsticks Impala, see colors and where to find it. more… Lipsticks Impala Maximum Coverage-Collection And Where To Buy

Earring Of Range-How To Use And Step By Step

Fashion is in constant transition, it’s fashion that’s coming in, who arrives and launches trends, as well as the fashions coming out and the trends that are not doing as much success as well. Can be sets of clothing, including dresses, skirts, fabrics and prints, shoes, makeup, colors, among many other things that are encompassed in this world. The jewelry, accessory and jewelry also have their trends, are pieces that are more bullish, which made success on the runway and what is hit for the next seasons. A promise that is turning into a fever is the earring range, many fashionistas have already used and women are already using too, has that the desire of many. With that, here are some tips on how to use the play as well as you do your. more… Earring Of Range-How To Use And Step By Step

Luggage Travel & Enamels Risque-Collection

Risque is a brazilian company that produces and sells about glazes of Nail Polish 7 million per month. The success of the brand is absolute in all Brazil, with one of its colors, which is the income, passes all the national and international brands in a matter of preference, and is also the most copied color. It is also one of the oldest Polish marks in national territory, today has more than 75 years. Today the company is owned by Hypermarcas, was acquired by the group in the year 2008. As well as the other brands, also launched your new collection Risque, see below for more information about the collection Luggage & Travel Risque. more… Luggage Travel & Enamels Risque-Collection

Perfect Eyebrow-Products

Eyebrows are essential information on our face, without it, we would be a little strange. In addition to giving expression to look at models our face, passing information. It’s a detail that many people don’t care much, but it makes all the difference, which can enhance our face. As well as the eyebrows can enhance they can completely destroy our image. Often trying to “fix” them alone or without instructions we ended up ruining by leaving and related failures, damaging a detail which is very important for our image. For those who want to get a good picture with the help of the eyebrow is in search of the perfect draw, the following is how to make the perfect eyebrow and which products you need to have in hand at the time on maintenance and also at the time of the fix. more… Perfect Eyebrow-Products

Bun Donut Hair Curly-How-to and Video

Just like everything in the world of fashion has its trends, the hair too. And trends can be according to what comes up on the catwalks, according to hits of seasons among many others. However, talking about hair trend is something very vague, because there are several topics that can be cited, such as color, cuts, hairstyles, and accessories. Among the hairstyles that are up, I have ever spent tendency to hit is the donut bun, which is the favorite of women. But we often see the coke made in straight hair, let’s learn how to make curly hair. Here’s how to do it. more… Bun Donut Hair Curly-How-to and Video

2015 Summer Accessories Trends – Tips

Accessories are very important part in time to complete the look, because they can increase a call here and there. Many times when the look is a little off in choosing the right accessory will give life and light completely visual. And like everything in the world of fashion has its trends, the parts that are the most used at certain times, the accessories too. And like most trends come along the seasons, following the major trends for the summer 2015.

Tips Trends 2015 Summer


Following which the trends that are going to be, they’re going to get and the stakes for the warmer seasons of the year. Keep your eyes and start making a list of your accessories. more… 2015 Summer Accessories Trends – Tips

Fire Ombre Hair-Trend and How to Make

As fashion has many trends that change according to the seasons, with what appeared on the catwalk, her hair also follow fashions and hits. It’s very vague talk about hair trends, as are several niche that can be addressed. May be a trend for cut, color, effects, hair accessories, hairstyles, among others. One of the trends that only grows every day more is the gradient effect, with its various forms, such as hair, sombre hair ombre, Californian and now the Fire Ombre Hair. That’s right, now arrived at the time of the redheads glass in the gradient. See below for more information on the new trend of hair. more… Fire Ombre Hair-Trend and How to Make

How to Texture the Curls-Tips

Many women that come in sets of straight hair, curls smoothed and repent and do not know what else to do to get back to natural hair. Today more than ever, women are putting their hand on their conscience and stopping with a penchant for beauty and perfection, and if accepting as they are. And those women who smoothed the hair one day in search of being within the standards of beauty imposed by the media and society. However, there is still a solution for women who are in transition, which is the transition from natural chemistry. There are many techniques to give texture and form curls in this period. Here are some tips for texturing of your hair. more… How to Texture the Curls-Tips

Velvetines of Lime Crime-Liquid Lipsticks

Lime Crime Make Up is an American cosmetics company that began in Los Angeles, California through the dream of your founder. DOE Deere is a woman who believes that makeup is not only correct imperfections, but also that he must have colors, and colors you want, vivid colors and strong. And it was with a few bucks that she started. Today managed to perform your dream, and launched your brand. One of the biggest hits of Lime Crime are liquid lipsticks, which make fame down here in Brazil, with it we will know more about the Velvetines of Lime Crime.

Velvetines Liquid Lipsticks of Lime Crime-Lipsticks more… Velvetines of Lime Crime-Liquid Lipsticks