Makeup Tips for Christmas

Remember this Christmas, party, celebration, family, friends and a nice supper for everyone. For a very special occasion we want to be with the visual special too. To do so, you need to invest in a look that goes with the party and also with a make that has to do with your style and with the moment. more… Makeup Tips for Christmas

Step by Step Makes for the New Year

Soon 2016 is knocking on our door and it’s time to get organized for the new year’s arrival. Many like to spend new year’s with family and friends in a big party, whether at home, on the field or on the coast. And if there’s a party has to have a good production!Be inspired by these makes for the big day.

See what the look is fashion in 2016. more… Step by Step Makes for the New Year

Body Enlightening: the New Trend of the Summer

We women are we used to use the facial illuminator, something that before seemed like a big deal. But now, we are making peace with him, along comes another product: the Illuminator body. He is the latest bet for the summer 2016.

Apply the Illuminator in some parts of the body with the purpose to highlight them has a name: strobing. The technique is quite common to be seen in the face, but the emphasis now is to the body. This news won the catwalks of recent fashion shows and has two wonderful advantages: creates the appearance of more toned and ripped body.

more… Body Enlightening: the New Trend of the Summer

Learn the Difference between Gel, Mousse and Finalizer

When we are getting ready for an event, the hair is key player in look and nothing better than a good hairstyle to enhance the visual. Even on a daily basis, you can leave your hair with a more simple, but well groomed. For that we can count on the help of finalizers capillaries.

To make the most perfect hair, these products are essential. For example, the straight hair suffers to be able to do a curl in the hair and in a short time, he falls apart. Use the appropriate finisher can make this bunch last all night. In addition, they are used for other things: create volume, fix your style and arrange the wires that sometimes are full of frizz.

more… Learn the Difference between Gel, Mousse and Finalizer

5 Treatments for Wrinkles Infallible

The mirror is a cruel mate, but the truest of all. It’s nothing nice looking at it and seeing that wrinkle forming that wasn’t there yesterday. It’s sad, but that’s the reality of every human being, especially women. Just so you know, men lose collagen with lower speed.How about that?

Learn what are the most basic care that you must have with your skin. more… 5 Treatments for Wrinkles Infallible

Sunscreen in Capsule: the Novelty of Summer

This is the best time of year for those who want to leave the skin more beautiful color, getting a Tan. In these summer months, people run to the coast to get to sea to cool off from the heat or else go to the clubs take a bath of pool or how about a walk outdoors with friends and a nice bath in the waterfall?

more… Sunscreen in Capsule: the Novelty of Summer

The Best Products for a Deep Moisturizing

If there’s one part of the body with which we women worry too is with the hair. Are moisturizing and more moisturizing, cut one way, paint and so on. After the chemical relaxers have emerged many who joined smoother yarns and rebellious hair.

See how the processes of hydration, cauterization and reconstruction can save your hair! more… The Best Products for a Deep Moisturizing

Chemical Peel: Learn All about This Technique

Unfortunately, the fountain of youth has yet to find and if it was, is not within our reach.What remains is to be able to maintain a healthy routine to take good care of your skin: eat nutritious foods, practicing physical exercises, use sunscreen every day quality and invest in foods that promote collagen formation as those with vitamin C.


See what are the 5 best treatments for wrinkles. more… Chemical Peel: Learn All about This Technique

Aesthetic Aligners: Worth Investing?

Who doesn’t want to be with a good look? Here, all body parts must be aligned with the model of aesthetic beauty that we have today. Many are aimed at very the beauty of the body and end up forgetting one very important part: our smile.

He can open doors, make new friends and of course, let your face much more beautiful.Having well-aligned teeth gives a better appearance.

more… Aesthetic Aligners: Worth Investing?

Makeup Trend Fall/Winter 2016

Every woman likes to take a look at make. Whether for work, out with friends or even just to get that beer Sunday afternoon, nobody wants to go out with the “face-lift” isn’t it? How about already go preparing your makeup bag with colors that will bombing in fall/winter 2016.


The great advantage of doing a make nice in the winter is because the colors can give a “up” in visual that is usually formed by cold colors and sober typical of those two seasons. The walkways have already begun to indicate what are the trendy colors of next seasons. more… Makeup Trend Fall/Winter 2016