Small Tattoos Designs for Guys

Tattoos little man: what to do and where to get them? The question is not simple, taking into account the fact that a tattoo is not at all easy to remove; Therefore, you should be sure of what you are doing before you start decorating themselves under the skin. And especially since, in many working environments, tattoos in sight are considered disadvantageous.

Of course we are in 2015, and stiffness in this way has slightly weakened compared to the past, but many employers still do not see a good eye too flashy designs that appear from under the clothes of their employees. For these reasons many people prefer to get tattoos of modest size, perhaps not immediately visible areas of your body.

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New Face Serum 2014

Today we talk about 2 of 3 new serums concentrates Biofficina Tuscany, novelty of this summer 2014. They do not contain alcohol and therefore their action is extremely delicate.

Each serum is suitable for a specific type of skin, but can very well be combined with each other to create an ad hoc product.In fact, they are distinguished by a versatile use depending on the skin needs related to the seasons and to issues that do not last the entire year span.

The company has deliberately contained the price of these babies, so that the customer can choose more than one without spending a fortune and could, therefore, benefit from their mix.

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Gift Ideas for Epiphany

Ready for the arrival of the Epiphany? Today my dear girls want to give you some tips on how to fill your stockings to give as gifts to friends and relatives. Because you only think about the sweets? Would not it be more original build alternatives stockings maybe filling them with beauty products?

No, if you’re wondering, is not expensive idea, just choose the right products. And you, you will do much more happy recipients of your gifts.


When you decide to fill a stocking of the Epiphany is important to know the interests, preferences and desires of the recipient.
If the recipient is a child it is clear that the traditional stocking filled with candy is the most sensible choice.
But since the target to which I refer is the friend, the mother or boyfriend, a beauty stocking can be a really good alternative.
Clearly age and sex affect the choice of the products with which you will fill.

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Hot Roller Hair Style

The glamorous and voluminous hair style 70/80 years are on the brink of a return? After a decade of grunge waves, we had almost forgotten that the “Hot Rollers” or thermal curlers still exist, in dimostrarcelo, supermodels Gisele Bundchen and Karlie Kloss, posting on Instagram photos of them, wearing the pink curlers.

There are two types of curlers, thermal or velcro; the former are often made ​​of ceramic and can vary from 5 to 25 curlers, available in a variety of formats, including pins or clips to hold them in place. The Velcro curlers instead are generally of plastic and covered with the so-called Velcro, holding the curler in place after the rolling. They provide different types of curl and volume. Of course the biggest curlers create bigger curls, smaller rollers create tighter curls and uniforms.

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Fragrance for Spring

The sky is blue, the temperatures are getting warmer and the sun finally shines again: there is no doubt, spring is approaching and it is time to renew our collection of perfumes with new fresh fragrances and read.

There is nothing better than the sparkling notes of fruit, combined with the sweetness of the flowers, to celebrate the arrival of summer.

If you are tired of your perfume and you want to change it, get inspired by new fragrances created from the most exclusive brands.

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Colored Hair for Summer 2015

The colored hair is the new trend sported by fashionistas during the fashion weeks, a rainbow of bright foliage glamor perfect for Spring / Summer 2015.

The most famous stars have also decided to dare, pop singer Katy Perry was one of the first to show this new trend, in fact at the Grammy Awards 2015, was presented with a stylish hair cut, short, wavy and a beautiful lilac color, the perfect contrast to the color of his eyes.

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Creams for Sensitive Skin Face

Have sensitive skin is a much more common problem than often we tend to think. Many women suffer from hypersensitive skin prone to redness or irritation and, for this reason, for some years now many cosmetic companies have seriously considered the idea of creating ad hoc lines reserved for sensitive skin that needs more attention than any normal or combination skin.

Today I am here to recommend you some products adapted precisely to those who suffer from sensitive skin and that will make your life much easier and much more beautiful and radiant skin!

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Contact Lenses Make You Look Younger

Over the years, the ‘limbal ring (the circle that serves as the iris outline), fades making our matte look. Some studies have shown that a well-defined limbal ring, makes it more attractive and seductive look with these lenses, you can temporarily regain it.

The lenses Acuvue Define have inside of pigments which define the contours of the iris and the manufacturers claim that in this way, the entire face will look younger.

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Different Types of Facial Serums

There are serums that stimulate cell renewal, those that have a firming effect and improve skin tone or those that strengthen the natural defenses of the skin and protect it from the visible signs of aging.

The serums are a blessing for the face: they are rich in active ingredients and, thanks to their very concentrated formulation, just a few drops to give skin a healthier and brighter look.

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Tips to Keep Breasts Firm

As much as I don’t want to think or believe this, it’s no use, time passes and gravity, more day or less day just knocking on the door, or sometimes even entering without knocking.

But, the good news is that medicine and the world of beauty in General is very early, that is, Yes, to be able to display firm breasts any longer, but, of course, no use sitting or just celebrating it without taking proper care, note that word order: prevent!

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