We Reveal the Secrets of the Mineral Blush

Free mineral powders, no additives or colorings and completely hypoallergenic: the new frontier of the make up bio.

They are selected on the shelves shops for a while’, but let’s face it: what they are and how to use the mineral makeup? An initial investigation turn out to be of mineral dust composed of pure pigments, totally non-allergenic and potentially natural. But we understand better together what it is, and why are proving so successful.

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Green Eye Shadow

Want valorrizzare the look with a green eye shadow? Follow our tips for a brighter look with the color of nature.

The color of hope, nature and optimism will be for this reason that green is the color trend 2013!

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From Head to Toe on Spring Set

Spring is coming and we can soon finally einmotten our winter clothes. But not only the spring fashion wants to be respected now, even a little beauty program gives us on the warm season. Finally we bring also our apartments at the spring cleaning on front man, why not also our body?

Breath of fresh air for your hair

Of long winter hairstyle has left its traces to creators of so: the top splissig, the lengths are limp and without volume or hard to tame but dry. Even if you love your Haapracht, it is time to part with a few centimeters. Damaged and split ends- lace trim, makes the same much healthier and fresher your hair – and they eventually grow back. Or how about equal with a completely new cut for summer? more… From Head to Toe on Spring Set

7 Super Tips On Great Eyebrows

Step-by-Step Tips for the perfect bow

Eyebrows characterize the face than any other feature and nothing can change that simple. These seven tips will be on the perfect shape.

First: Determining Shape of Eyebrows

  1. “Most people pluck too many hairs between theeyebrows away. This makes the nose wider” , says Günter Krause, of the professional “Neyes Eyes Brow Shaping” ( www.neyes.com has) developed. Hold a string to the middle of the nasal wing upward, there should start brewing. Cessation should, where the eyelash lace border.
  2. Just look in the mirror: The outside of the pupil marks the highest point of the eyebrow.

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