How to Do Makeup for Black Skin

Upon request, today it’s all very cool makeup tips for black women, which has a charm and a special glow that it deserves greater attention and specific care, because they have a higher concentration of melanin, has more tendency to suffer with blemishes, and today what we’re going to show here are really cool tips to disguise these problems with makeup as well as highlight the main characteristics, with really cool makeup tips for black women that can leave you with a face worthy of many flashes and magazine covers. Then … a pen and paper in hand, note the tips:

How to Do Makeup for Black Girls

Preparation of the skin

The black skin tends to be more oily, so it is crucial it sanitize well with a cleaning fluid and a tonic preparation, before you start to put on makeup, then apply the facial primer.

The order of products

It is worth mentioning that it’s pretty common to doubt about ‘correction + base’. Many prefer to apply the concealer first and the base then, however, the form of application more advisable and used is first base, after the correction. Why? The application of the base is more general, covering the entire face and, if the correction has already been used, it can come out of the place, exposing what you’ve stashed, as well, for not even waste product, uniforms with the base before and use the concealer to hide what the first missed, such as the dark circles, almost never the base takes care of them, then appeal to the correction, as well as the pimples.


Came her turn, the base, the first product to be thought of in time to assemble the makeup for black women, it takes really quiet this time because, if your skin is oily, will have to avoid the creamy bases as stick or liquid.

Then, in relation to the color, it is essential to know the tone of your skin color, so the hint is to test the textures in your own face and not in hand, and watch throughout the day, choose the foundation that disappears into the skin, because the greatest risk in investing in a wrong color of base is mostly she stays purple or whitish, and avoid using very dark tones, since you can make a gray and shot down, so a test that has shades with gold to enhance micropigmentos, prefer, always, bronze tones. And for a better effect, apply the base from the center toward the ends.


Who have darker spots should hide them with a correction of the exact color of the skin, because if you use a lighter, you may end up with the most evident or dimmed, however, always worth testing. Depending on the imperfection, other shades of concealer can be applied on makeup for black:

  • Green Concealer: indicated for reddish scars or imperfections.
  • Yellow Concealer: Indicated for small bruises purple or purplish imperfections.
  • Lilac Concealer: indicated for imperfections amarronzadas or yellow-orange imperfections.

Blush and Illuminators

The beauty of black skin is that it has a natural luster that enhances even more the blush. For the day to day, it is good to use dark brown tones and Brown coffee in makeup for black girls. To give a tone ofhealth, use pink burned or terracotta and for those who like a make more tuned, the tone of grape is also very cool!


It is common who has brown skin black or avoid using shades too light, like white or silver, for being too showy, but, it is worth mentioning that, both, if used correctly, can give an up in makeup for black girls and enhance even more the skin tone.

For those who are afraid of arriscar…as shadows in darker shades, like copper, brown, golden, black and navy blue are most suitable in black makeup.

But the shadow, as well as the lilac and lavender are also superlindas on black skin.

However, the great secret of a beautiful makeup is always have harmony with the color of their skin, so it’s worth a tip, who have black skin should not avoid, and Yes, I know try and dare with wisdom.

How to Enhance Your Lips

Women and their eternal dissatisfaction with its features is no longer news, so they’re always wanting to change the format of the body, hair, nose, eye color, the size of the breasts and, among many other features, not even the size of the lips. Or do you want to reduce or enlarge them, even if that means having to make use of treatments or surgeries. Well, come to think of it, we decided to show here, as, without any surgical intervention, through only small tricks on your make up, you can increase your lips.

Although it is possible to tell with many features to enhance the lips, as the filling with hyaluronic acid, there is a faster and cheaper way to do it, through a good makeup. She can be your ally to go around parading full lips a la Angelina Jolie, you only need to have at hand a concealer, powder, lip contour and lip gloss, and ready! If interested? So, get to know some tricks on how to increase your lips with makeup.

Tricks to Increase Your Lips

1-First apply the concealer around the lips gently;

2-Then, now you must define a new lip contour as well as a new format, with the brush to mouth or lip contour pencil, draw or outline the mouth causing this new outline stay at most 2 mm out of the natural format. It is important to remember that an outline more than this can leave a heavy makeup and artificial aspect to increase the lips. To do this “new” contour, you can observe the natural shape of your mouth and draw the outline a little beyond the natural line, causing the natural format serve as a guidance for this new outline.

3-Use a darker pencil, in this case, the red, upper and lower internal corners. This trick makes the centers of the lips fuller. Then spread your lipstick with a brush.

4-Now esfumace the stroke with the aid of a brush to achieve a natural result, and apply the lipstick.

5-Then choose another lipstick, preferably sparkling, and a little lighter than has already been used and only in the center of the lower lip to create a point of light. You can also use a little shimmering shade in this area instead of lipstick, the result is also fantastic.

6-Finally, can still put a point of light with Golden lipstick right in the middle of the mouth. It also creates an optical illusion of volume, and leaving the look super sexy!!

If you want to develop more skills with makeup, I recommend you to do the professional makeup course online for only R$ 39.90.

How to Choose Blush for Your Skin Tone

Makeup makes all the difference in the visual, doesn’t it? After all, it enhances the beauty of any woman, and even disguise small imperfections on the skin. And one of the items of makeup that is a true ally of women, without doubt is the blush. Is to give a more natural effect or blushing, choose the right tone of blush for your skin color, is fundamental to obtain a perfect makeup. That’s because as any item of makeup, blush should be in harmony with the color of your skin.

Not to make a mistake in choosing the color of blush, check out the following tips on how to pick blush tone ideal for every skin color. If you want to deepen in the art of makeup, I recommend the professional makeup course online for only R$ 39.90.

Blush skin tone yellow white

The oriental women to the mestizo, with variations in skin tone, are on the team of white yellowish skin. To enhance the tonality of the Skin yellowish-white, the tip is to use a blush more striking and discreet at the same time. In this case, the more closed and the shades of brown are the best options. However, we must avoid the orange tones.

Blush skin tone pink white

Who has bright white skin, in choosing the perfect shade  of blush, also need to prioritize the harmony of the makeup. To enhance this skin color, the tip is to bet in shades of peach, beige-pink and pale roses, because they match perfectly with the pinkish white skin. After all, this kind of skin a natural blush, dede to illuminate the face. Already the redheads are better with earth tones.

Shade of Blush for dark skin

Black women can bet on a darker blush, like wine or brown. The skin yellow, black or golden-skinned, combine best with the tones of gold and bronze blush. In this case, the best alternative is to bet on naturalness, so rosy tones, which tend to be very artificial, should be avoided.

Shade of blush for brown skin

To enhance the brown skin, the tip bet on a brown blush-pink, that helps give a good enhancement on makeup. To achieve the same effect, the wine tones are also welcome. But to win a makeup even more striking, the best option is to choose the color of coffee. To obtain a smoother look, the trick is to bet by pale rose.

Now that you know how to pick blush tone ideal for every skin tone, you can let your makeup more beautiful and harmonious. Don’t forget to use that trick, because it makes all the difference in the visual.

How to Make Doll Eyelashes

What woman doesn’t dream about long eyelashes and bulky? Of course, since undeniably, they make all the difference in the look, but, unfortunately, not everyone is born with lashes fed up, but … very quiet at this time, no despair, we get some cool tips over the internet so you can display around doll eyelashes, or through resources of makeup, or appealing to false eyelashes, well, let’s cut the blah blah blah and go straight to the point. Ready to have the baby? So, pen and paper in hand, note the tips:

Here’s How to Make Doll Eyelashes

1. Mascara

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind are the masks of eyelashes, since today there are masks options market super interesting, since containing edges that lengthen and give volume to the wires, even those that hydrate the eyelashes. However, the secret of the doll eyelashes is depositing enough product on the base of the wires, the applicator must be stockier and have bristles evenly spaced, those with polka-dot format or Hedgehog, besides volume, also let their longer eyelashes.

How do you apply to wire, making moves from bottom to top, he ends up raising even more eyebrows.Ideally, you have both, the stockier spaced bristle for brush and volume, and the ball-shaped or hedgehog to lengthen. The trick is to spend two to three layers of mask and, to stretch, spend more mask at the tips of lashes. Another tip is to bet on the eyelash curler that intensifies the effect stretched wires.


Time to draw the mask, comb the eyelashes up with the brush, so that the fit between the bristles of the applicator and more product is transferred. And no rush! To ensure a legal result, with an extra volume, are required at least 3 layers.

Then, pass also mask over the lashes, with the lids half-closed eyes, place the applicator on the hairs and rotate?, so they’re going to roll as? if you were doing a brush in your hair?, complete. And more, if in addition to volume you also want to give an elongated eyes, spend an extra layer mask, combing the eyelashes towards the temples. And if you don’t enjoy the appearance of eyelashes when they are grudadinhos, the tip is? pentinho to use an eyebrow to separate them?

Some interesting options for masks for lashes:

  1. Super Volume mask Drama and stretching, Avon
  2. MAXXI Volume and Color Definition, Dailus
  3. CY, Cy volumania º º Zone

2. False eyelashes

Who even with can’t mask the desired effect, one option is to appeal to the false eyelashes, which are super trendy. The beauty of false eyelashes is that they can be used when you have very small or even eyelashes to disguise flaws and enhance your eyes, changing the face of the watch. They are made of by natural or artificial-that being the most common. The hairpieces are sold in a huge variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

There are many styles, but three are basic:

  • Cilia (the most suitable for those who don’t have a lot of practice and a more striking effect): sold in pairs and measure approximately the upper eyelids – is required only a small hit with the scissors;
  • Cilia in strips, sold in larger pieces and must be cut;
  • Cilia in Tufts (most natural effect), which are sold in small pieces – the size enables various types of applications, such as only in external corners, for example.

The false eyelashes should be placed next to the hair after applying the natural make-up, including the mascara and eyelash curler. It is important to measure under the outline of the eyelashes the size that will be used in make. If you need to remove excess product, cut the false eyelashes on the ends, with a pair of scissors before applying at the root of the eyelash skin.

  • Disguise droopy eyes: should be applied in a more centralized;
  • Enhance small eyes: should extrapolate a bit the outside corner, giving a brownish format them.

3. Eyelash permanent

Is a procedure done in specialized clinics which let the wires bent and stretched longer, even having contact with water or SOAP and anyone interested, you can achieve beautiful eyelashes, betting this option for up to 100 R$. However, very quiet at this time, is not suitable for people with allergies to makeup.

4. For eyelash growth serum

Yes, this serum is there, and is designed to promote the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows too, its application should be. The Dermage, for example, has the Eyelas Maxi, serum that helps the growth of the wires and promise results in eight weeks.

And there, ready to parade with doll eyelashes?!

How to Choose Makeup Remover

Let’s face it, a good makeup is capable of true miracles! Great time to hide those imperfections of the skin, to highlight one point or another, to rejuvenate their appearance.

However, what a lot of women forget is that, like a makeup can help, it can also become a real problem, so if it is bad, as if not removed properly.

It’s at times like this it is worth to stress the importance of makeup remover on your everyday life, helping to properly remove the makeup, though, like all cosmetics, you need to know to choose the right makeup remover for your skin type, and that’s what we’ll show now.

The makeup remover, for those who don’t know, serves not only to help remove the make, but also to remove dirt, clean the pores and leave the skin oiliness, but, of course, for that to work correctly, you must use a makeup remover right, that is according to your skin type. See below how to choose makeup remover which best suits you:

Right makeup remover for dry skin

Who has dry skin should opt for creams or lotions, more commonly known as milk for cleaning, these types of makeup removers are good why not remove natural oil surplus we have in cells which helps skin stay healthy and hydrated properly and with more ease.

Right makeup remover for oily skin

Stop oily skin girls the right makeup remover would be one that didn’t have oil, but the oil-free makeup removers cannot remove the skin products that are water proof, in this case, then, the tip is to use a two phase to end product, and in addition, the cleaning should be complemented with an astringent soap.

Right makeup remover for combination

While the chicks of mixed skin should opt for mousses, foams and oil free, that are good for your skin type, and with the advantage of fulfilling very well its two main functions, removing the makeup the right way, leaving the skin free of impurities, as well as contribute to the hyperopia is correct.

Extra care

It is worth mentioning that, irrespective of the type of skin and makeup remover used, it is important to take special care of the eyes, the hint is to look for use makeup removers that are proven to be tested to prevent burning sensation in the eyes, avoiding possible discomforts in time to remove the makeup, especially the shadows.

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Carnival Makeup Step by Step

The Carnival is coming to many up here yet.

Therefore, it is the time of the blocks, testing of the samba school, anyway … we can already hear tambourines and drums, is the revelry coming up with everything and, of course, no one wants to do without glamour by the biggest party in the world.

So, at the time the women go out in search of the ideal fantasy and, of course, make more cool. And that’s exactly what we’re going to show here, hints and tips for you to make nice with your Carnival makeup.

more… Carnival Makeup Step by Step