10 Tips for Beauty Sleep


Balance is the watchword. I’m not a fanatic of meditation practices but if adopt the rule of positive thinking training the mind to think. If the pace of modern life is increasingly hectic, it is important to learn to undo the tension, fatigue and exhaustion because they do not read it on your face and on your mood.  Stop the thoughts, abstracted from reality and learn to pamper yourself is to fight these negativities. Starting in the morning

  1. Manage your time well

In the morning, learn to manage time in a balanced way.  Punta alarm twenty minutes before the usual, although it may seem unnecessary strain. Take a little time for meditation and considered the problems of the new day as an opportunity. Everything that makes you anxious and you seem negative can be used to learn, mature, strengthen you.

  1. 8:00 am

Wake up to music with the help of an alarm clock.  But Tune in to a station broadcasting classical music, you will avoid a shock awakening with Niky Minaj or Iron Maiden.

  1. Water for depurarti

Just wake up drink a big glass of water at room temperature with the lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey to depurarti, eliminate toxins accumulated overnight and stimulate diuresis. Miraculous!

  1. Stretching in bed

After ironing the muscles as cats do when you wake up, lying down he inhales deeply, holding the breath for about ten seconds and downloading all the air from the lungs very slowly. Repeat five times, spacing with normal breathing.

  1. Call someone you love

Lying, relaxing, just to wish good day to those you love (mom, dad, grandmother and though it is not of bad character even to your boy friend). Even if you wake them will be happy.

  1. Adopt a Puppy

I can not live without my pet, even if it’s 35 pounds and quite lively. And ‘the incarnation of affection, someone to think about when you wake up in the morning, the faithful love, lick furtive, the baby food to prepare.  Nothing gives warmth as an animal. Dog, cat, hamster, canary or anything else that is .

  1. Breakfast in relax

The night before preparing the table for breakfast. Do not dismiss the most important meal of the day with a coffee at the bar made of race. Favors natural foods and easily assimilated by the body to give energy: milk, yogurt, honey, cereals and fruit. Start your day “good offices.”

  1. Fill the fragrance house

Just spray your favorite perfume on the clothes, the head of the bed or use muilletes of paper in the drawers because the day starts with the right way.

  1. Energizing Shower

The water therapeutic action on the human body is well known: sliding on the skin, the water causes a voltage alternation and relaxation of the tissues, stimulating and reactivating all organic functions. The shower in the morning is perfect to wake up quickly, sweet and nice body. Falla warm, combining a gentle massage all over the body with a horsehair glove. Ends with a jet of cold water on the buttocks, thighs to improve circulation and tone the skin.  If you are brave rush a jet of cold water even on the breast, will help to keep harder.

  1. Open the windows

Look at the environment around you with new eyes, even if it is usually of the condominium in the suburbs. Enhance your visual perception trying to display the details of the usual landscape. The stressful newspaper has made us lazy and not very attentive to details.

  1. upper Legs

Traffic slowed, heaviness, cramps in the calves. Are painful inconvenience punctual involving women that during the day a lot of standing or are constantly sessions. A great solution is to sleep with your legs raised by a pillow to encourage exchanges blood to the lower limbs.

  1. Take a walk

Take a lesson from the woman Yorkers business, leave the house in a suit and sneakers putting her cleavage in her purse. And instead of taking the car or subway to go to the office go on foot. Or take advantage of sharing the bikes!