10 Nail Polish with Which This Autumn Shine

Even trends in shades of nail polish is changing, with the advent of the new season. And since that autumn is already in full swing, it’s time to see which color paint dominate this year.

1. White Coffee

Creamy brown-beige that looks like a coffee to add lots of milk. Best is in high gloss.

2nd deep burgundy

It typically fall and nail just looks great. You can choose – perfect parade makes both glossy and matte finish.

3rd Light pastel blue

Maybe should evoke memories of a summer morning and a bright sky, which we do not use much in the fall, anyway, it looks great on nails.

4th Metallic Blue

And we have the opposite of the previous colors – evokes cosmic galaxy and has an incredibly elegant, but not settled.

5th Body

It looks like nails merged with the skin. And although it may seem strange, wait until this ” nude ” trend try. He is perfect!

6th Black

High gloss does not at all hard or even vulgar. Exactly opposite! Feel free to give her a chance!

7th White

And it is trendy black, not surprising that the well is doing and white. Can i get a matte finish and looks very feminine and youthful.

8th Dusty Pink

Strange, no way garish (but not settled) shade of pink that nails lend elegance and girlish charm.

9th Dove gray

Gray nail polish? There! And this fall belongs to the hottest trends. His pale grayish hue will make you a lady. Plus fits easily to almost anything.

10th Metallic Silver

Can act a little crazy, but why succumb autumnal mood and reaching for dark colors? If you fancy a bit of courage, with significant silver paint you can not go wrong.

A little bonus at the end

Red nails are classic that simply never goes out of fashion. So, if you from that list we did not choose, or you can not find the courage to try new shades, just reach for their favorite red. It is immortal!