10 Items for Christmas Gifts

The possibility to buy your gifts via the internet at Christmastime facilitated very stylish men’s lives, there is a world of products available just waiting that you put them in the shopping cart and click “Finish”, but it is precisely this variety that can leave you undecided about what deserves to be purchased, whether to give a friend or auto-presentear , that’s why we decided to assemble a list of 14 items with quality, style, check out:

1-Shirt Blue Line Forum

Why buy?
Nautical themed on micro prints and short sleeves that shirt is current and ideal for the summer look, either with a jeans of course, a pair of chino Twill Shorts or neutral.

2-Clean Blue Levis Shirt

Why buy?
Shirts at chambrê are always a good choice, because they combine the lightness of cotton with the visual that approximates the jeans, combining well with visual cool casual for leisure or under a blazer for work and there’s nothing better than a versatile clothing so as not to lose time in the time to get dressed!

3-Yes Navy Blue Rock Colcci T-Shirt

Why buy?
Who doesn’t make good use of a t-shirt? The piece looks good on everyone! The Colcci has a footprint rocker I enjoy and stay well if used only with a superimposed by a jeasn or Plaid Shirt or denim jacket.

4-Desert Reserve Off White Polo Shirt

Why buy?
The Poles flat, classic and versatile, though sometimes tired, on the other hand, those models filled with letters, numbers, and coats are pure visual pollution. This model of reserve has style and personality without a lot of stuff of questionable taste pinduradas. Here at Top-engineering-schools you can get more different models and styles.

5 – G-Star Skinny Jeans Blue

Why buy?
The Dutch G-Star is one of the most famous jeanswear brands in the world, rivaling in Europe with brands such as Diesel, find a pair of them for R$159,90 is a real find! Worth it for the quality and style!

Benetton Beige Twill Pants-6

Why buy?
Almost obligatory item in wardrobe of modern man, the Twill pants goes well both in looks totally casual, when in business casual, accompanied by shirt tie and blazer. Good gift for you or for a stylish friend!

7 – Bermuda Colcci Black Floral

Why buy?
I could put a classic shorts here, but surely you’ve seen many of them around, and if you’re looking at this list, probably looking for something new and different. Well, if you’re a daring and want something that has a visual style can risk a look with a tropical print. Not to Miss just combine it with basic pieces and you will have a nice combination for the summer!

8-Jose Perfuros Coffee Donadelli Social Shoe

There’s only one thing I like more than a Oxford, is an Oxford brogue, the perforations in the leather gives a vintage touch in footwear that fills it. This model can follow a marine suit or even dark jeans, shirt and blazer for a dress code.

9 – Tennis Ferracini Eklipse Brown

Why buy?
The treatment aged leather and Red shoelaces make this high-top tennis attention immediately.If you’re looking for something that is not very sporting or very conservative this model of ferracini is on accurate measurement.

10-Triton Blue Belt

Another essential item for anyone who invests in the casual look is a beautiful canvas belt, which is even better when presents details on leather, as is the case here. The beautiful combination of colors and the buckle with original design also highlight the play.

11-Sunglasses Ray-Ban Clubmaster Foldable

The classic Clubmaster of Ray-Ban is the desire of many men sunglasses, ams this still brings the feature hinges that allow it to be stored up in his shirt pocket.

12-Seculus Watch Navy Blue

Could not miss a watch list and this of Seculus draws attention by your dial and blue bracelet, the stylish design of the display and the Golden details that give a sophisticated touch.

13-Folder Bennemann Brown

That postman doesn’t make you consider abandoning once and for all that old bag? Certainly the beautiful shade of the leather and the shoulder straps fastened by rivets stand out, besides this retro art that always looks good on bags of this type.

14-Trunk Bennemann Brown

The probability that you’re thinking of travelling this summer in pretty big, so why not do it in style? For a few days of rest this nice bag of Bannemann can be your solution as it has a size that ensures the convenience on short trips and have the class that only a leather product can show!

Are the tips of the Male Canal to get out of the present as SOAP kits with colonies and worth buying of bookshops/DVD stores.; )