Kourtney Kardashian in Beauty Talk

Why Kourtney Kardashian smells like Crème Brulée and needs only 30 minutes in the bathroom: we have looked at the Socialite in the beauty bag. more… Kourtney Kardashian in Beauty Talk

Round Face Haircuts

Haircut Tips for Round Face and Pictures of Types of Cuts

Variety of cuts for round face-Haircuts besides having the gift of highlighting the female charm have the power to hide what we do not want to show.Each type of face and hair requires a different cut shape. more… Round Face Haircuts

Lauren Conrad: Black Eyeliner

If there’s one thing the it-girl Lauren Conrad understands well is makeup. The blonde is considered an icon of fashion and beauty and that is followed by thousands of women from around the world. And she never disappoints, always parading a visual flawless and radiant, without losing that stripped of Californian girl. On the day the preference is for more discrete, with makes skin light and elongated lashes, when you cross the red carpet the former member of the reality show “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” leverages to loosen the imagination and perfect in more elaborate makeup. more… Lauren Conrad: Black Eyeliner

Glazes for the New Year

Girls prepared to enjoy the new year with lots of charm and style? Running behind the perfect look for the new year is great, but we know that not only are the clothes that are to have a visual to rip sighs.More than aesthetics, the glazes are fundamental in time to produce. So today our palpiteco is about the FRENZY, a store specializing in Nail Polish, newly opened in Campo Grande/MS. Sso many cool and different options will, domestic and imported brands, Luxury guess amouuu!!! more… Glazes for the New Year

Natural Care: Winter Skin

It is no longer a secret that the skin needs special care in winter. For those who like naturalness, these beauty tips can protect and nurture their skin – and with perfect helpers from nature.

The decreasing temperatures are responsible for the fact that the skin’s protective coat is less stable than in the summer. The slowed production of tallow causes the skin to dry out faster, cracked and brittle. Especially the face and hands need the intensive care to look pink and healthy. And if you use natural products, you can quickly stabilize the protective coat and do something good for your skin. more… Natural Care: Winter Skin

Tricks for Perfect Lipstick

You know those three, four lipsticks that have scattered on the bottom of your purse? Retrieve it: it’s time to take advantage of them. Because all we buy and buy back lipsticks that we worship, we have so many that sometimes we lose them and then find them somewhere and start to love them as if for the first time. more… Tricks for Perfect Lipstick

Intimrasur, Naked Beauty

Sprawl? No thanks! The intimrasur becomes self-evident for more and more women. Tips and tricks, so that everything shines smoothly in the bikinizone, there is here!

Wild growing pubic hair in the intimate area are now an absolute no-go for many women. In order to get rid of the annoying hairs or to put into shape, some are reaching for epilators and wax. For most women, however, intimacy is the best choice to curb their pubic hair – not least because shaving is the most cost-effective and fastest method.What are the reasons for an intimate razor and what can be done with the razor in the bikini zone? more… Intimrasur, Naked Beauty

How Do You Know What Lipstick Suits You

The lipstick is not only color, but also technology and performance. Want to know more? Take our alphabet dedicated to make-up the most loved by the girls
The lipstick is the make-up cult of all women: a recent survey of AstraRicerche ruled that uses 92% of the Italian. “Lipstick is a real seductive weapon to please the partner and to feel more sexy,” says Lisa Eldridge, artistic director of Lancôme make-up, which is working on the creation of 60 new shades. “A lipstick is able to reflect the personality of the outfit even more: the secret is to find the right shade and able to apply it to real pro. And not just about trends, which in the end are always the same, but the moods, feelings. The trend is changing because the technology is able to create products with higher performance formulas, bright, reflective pigments, durability and extreme smoothness. A kiss-proof, in short. ” more… How Do You Know What Lipstick Suits You

Hair Removal Methods for Women in Comparison

Now that the temperatures rise and we can finally slip into our favorite dresses, we also want to know which hair removal methods in comparison makes the race. The goal: to get smooth legs without the hells.

Which hair removal methods are the best in comparison?Here you will find the possibilities for the home and the expert. more… Hair Removal Methods for Women in Comparison

Eyebrows Guide

Do you want to have eyebrows marked without leaving the house? Then prepare the clamp, that this super guide of the BuzzFeed will help you on this mission.

more… Eyebrows Guide