Jumpsuit Plus Size Beautiful Clothing of Hayley Hasselhoff

Participate and with a little luck win-and this sensational large sizes outfit of Happy Size! This look Hayley Hasselhoff has carried on the Plus Size Fashion Days on the catwalk. And since they are so happy liked the black jumpsuit and trendy accessories, she had this the next day the same even on the plane back to LA to. Do yourself a pleasure to St. Nicholas!

You won? Then us an email to kontakt@incurvy.de or tell us on Facebook send a private message, so we can get in touch with you.

The winner is:  Tiger Tina

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Oversized Men’s T-Shirt Guide

Talk TIME, all right? Last week I received an email from a reader asking me to talk a little bit about types of T-shirts, to help in the choice of products. That suggestion gave me an idea to make a Guide to men’s long sleeved models that are up to 2015. So bora pro post view the details? more… Oversized Men’s T-Shirt Guide

Plus Size Fashion Beauty

There are days where just nothing will fit or appears suitable. No solution is to dress in a bag. On the contrary. Deliberate colors, flowing fabrics and matching accessories to help you throw off your self-esteem. Accented clothes conjures up a slender and elongated silhouette in a matter of seconds. more… Plus Size Fashion Beauty

Learn How to Make Shaded Nails

When we read or hear about in ombré (“shadowed” in French), which comes to mind is the Sets of hair with those slivers lightened in gradient, isn’t it? Yes, but you should know that now Sets ombré also took care of the nails, the ombré call nails or nails shaded, both painting each one with a different tone or blending various shades in a nail, and believe me, both technical, with a very interesting result, so much so that stars such asAlexa Chung, Lady Gaga, Lauren Conrad , Beyoncé, Rihanna, among others have already joined, parading your nails fashion up and down. more… Learn How to Make Shaded Nails

Diy Wedding Manicure Tips

DIY wedding Manicure, tips and secrets for a flawless result: lots of ideas to achieve a perfect manicure for DIY your wedding without going to work as a beautician!

Not all brides want to indulge in a full session from a beautician including the manicure for wedding and many prefer to do it yourself; What is lacking, more often than not, is the idea to realize it’s not too complicated to put into practice from the Sun (or helped by a friend). First, we must take into account the style of dress and color, this way you’ll know which tint of Polish use and what fantasy will look good with the dress. Prepare your nails and your hands, nourishing them with almond oil or argan oil for at least two or three days; obtain glazes of various colors, nail glue, tweezers, nail file, nail scissors and a perfect manicure and maximum in creating the manicure for your wedding. more… Diy Wedding Manicure Tips

Women’s Fashion, Stocking Leggings

Will the time in that the socks had only the primary function of warm legs and feet, or to reduce the friction between the foot and the shoe. Especially in the world of fashion, the socks have a very important role, and may even be the protagonists of a look. For every occasion, and type of use, there is a style of sock that best will suit the visual and function.

In the warmer months of the year, the socks tend to be less present, but they’re still indispensable in some contexts and retain the charm of other production. You can’t think, for example, in sports or exercise in the gym with no socks. There is, however, a tendency to make them like that, what you get for using socks in the sneaker model, very short, to the point of virtually disappear inside the boot. The opposite effect is obtained with the also used socks long, usually superimposed to the legging, ensuring their strong presence in white or other colors.

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Since all beauty topics are definitely coming up short, I thought it was about time I shared a fall look with you (before the whole outfit goes online). Of course, I’ll talk a bit about the products I used too. more… Beauty

Combining Shirts and Ties

The safest option is always the white shirt and black tie, but rain e-mails from readers that, on the one hand, they want to get out of the security zone and, on the other, afraid to make a mistake in the combination and everything to lose. But there is a second choice accurate in this case, we talked about it in this post, this is the infamous “tone on tone”. more… Combining Shirts and Ties

Summer Dresses

There is more than time to think about models of summer dresses 2014, because the hot season is there and asks for freshness, beauty and a lot of elegance for the feminine world. more… Summer Dresses

Michael Kors Leather Bags Beauty

Prices and Models of Michael Kors Brand Handbags

Who has never dreamed of having a Michael Kors scholarship with several   models, prices the handbags are affordable and beautiful with various types and sizes of various types of fabrics and styles the Michael Kors handbags is on the rise. more… Michael Kors Leather Bags Beauty